FRANCE: Bishops establish National Canonical Court to absolve all criminals

Editor’s Note: No Episcopal Conference, nor any group of Bishops, has the authority to establish a canonical court — this power belongs to the Roman Pontiff alone. By doing so, they set up a situation where every sentence handed down has no force of law. And each priest or religious sentenced will be in truth not found guilty of anything, and free to go on to any part of the world and continue his crimes.

In addition, it appears from the report, that the existence of the court taking over the penal procedures envisioned by Canon Law for the tribunals in each Diocese, will create numerous reasons to have its “sentences” overturned in Rome on appeal.

Moreover, with the Apostolic See impeded, canon law forbids emphatically any innovation in Church law or governance. That is why the photograph chosen for the report above, is truer than most might think. It will be a court of devils for devils to be exonerated, while the Faithful are hoodwinked into thinking something was at last done.

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4 thoughts on “FRANCE: Bishops establish National Canonical Court to absolve all criminals”

  1. Sorry to invoke national stereotypes, but this move is so. . . French. 🤣
    Should we call it Neo-Gallicanism?!

    1. Its the perfect bureaucratic maneuver: move the decision making process as far as possible away from all parties especially those responsible for it!

    2. I’m also sorry to invoke national stereotypes but in France, we would say that it’s so english, or so british, or so american. Don’t worry about that : people will be watching over this in France, especially among the catholics.

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