The Marburg Plandemic will be launched on Oct. 26, 2023, at 7:06 PM?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As I have reported before, the next fake Pandemic will be launched via 5G bursts and the end of this year, according to Dr. Rashid (here), and after the Ukrainian war ends or enters an armistice (as I prognosticate here).

Now, admitting I am only formulating an educated guess, I will put on the table of your consideration, that the Marburg Plandemic will be launched or initiated on October 26, 2023, at 7:06 PM..

Ok, how do I come up with this date?

I base this speculation on the facts shown during the Scamdemic that the Globalists move on days with Satanic numerological meanings.

The 66th last day of the year of 2023 has such a meaning.

For October 26 is the vigil of October 27, and 27 = 9 + 9 + 9, which is the number of the Beast in the Apocalypse, turned upside down, a sign which is used in the Order of Nine Angels to signify the casting down of the devils from the 9 choirs of Angels at the beginning of time.

Doing anything on October 26, then, can intentionally signify auguring in the  reign of Satan. And that is what the Great Reset is all about.

Also since 26 is one shy of 27, and October is the 10th month, we see that since 10 = 6 + 3 + 1, that the Month of October according to its number can be seen to supply the missing 1 in 26, to make 27. And in this manner doing something on October 26 can intentionally signify doing something when what is needed to satisfy is now available. — And besides 6 +3 which is left over after taking 1 from 10, also equals 9 which is 6 upside down. Another calculation that signifies the unity of the Masonic Lodge with the Fallen ones.

But I take 7:06 PM from the fact that the evening of the 26 is the vigil of the 27. And a vigil signifies well the day of preparation for the following day.

Thus 7:06 PM which in decimal would be equal to 6 hours and 66 minutes or 666, which is also the number of the beast.

Is this pure speculation. No, as I have shown, each interpretation is consistent with a desire to signify the same thing, the name of the Antichrist, which is what the Plandemics are all about, transforming the Human Race into an enslaved genetically altered mass to serve that man of lawlessness who is to come, or is perhaps already conceived.

I say this since Melanie said that when he is 12 years old he will already be known. And if that is in 2030, he was born in 2018.

UPDATE: The Synod on Synodality, which has no more ecclesiastical authority than a party at the papal palace, is scheduled to end on Oct. 28: and if it is the intention of the globalist clergy to declare an end to Catholic teaching on sexual morality and the worship of the one true God, then such a declaration might be made just before a new Plandemic so as to sow the greatest possible terror and dismay into Catholics and force them psychologically to submit to the Globalist agenda as something inevitable and omnipotent.

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34 thoughts on “The Marburg Plandemic will be launched on Oct. 26, 2023, at 7:06 PM?”

    1. Isn’t the Father of the AntiChrist supposed to be a Catholic Bishop and the mother a Catholic nun?

      1. Yes, according to some Fathers of the Church. But what is certain is that he will be of Jewish descent, as Christ says, “There is one whom you will receive …”

  1. What nonsense and waste of time worrying about future crises instead of your soul ,soon we will feel and see real horror for the punishment must fit the crimes , I see selective hearing , bad habits , and very Luke warm towards Christ especially the Eucharist I witness at all masses disrespect in every way , my list could fill a page , yet supposed trad groups and clergy are silent pulpits dead and ETC ! As Our Lady to much entertainment and amusement and she’s crying , Very few are saved or even cares about it ! Well We Reap What We Sow!

    1. Who said anything about instead? Thou shall not bear fall witness against thy neighbor, is also part of Catholic Tradition.

    2. I don’t consider deep thinking nonsense or a waste of time. Since the Freemasons use symbols to communicate and perform rituals on their feast days, it is imperative that we pray it away. The more we know about their satanic numbers and their inversions and how they think the better we can arm ourselves against them with prayer. Prayer can stop them in their tracks.

  2. They like to deploy their coups in the fall-winter. Right now, it is party time on the Riviera.

  3. Could October be a pivot month in human history? Consider:
    1517 – Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door
    1916 – first birth control clinic in America opened
    1917 – Communist Russia begin/Blessed Mother at Fatima
    1929 – Stock Market collapse – triggered global depression
    1949 – People’s Republic of China was founded
    1957 – USSR launched the first satellite into orbit.
    1962 – The Second Vatican Council was opened

  4. I really hope you’re wrong about this, brother. According to their simulation, it’s 2025, but I can see them wanting to do a sudden thing as well to catch people off guard. But how will this tie with CBDC s and UBI etc.
    What can help cure Marburg? Lord have mercy!!

    1. I have reached out but got no response. Unfortunately, while the past has taught us to err on the side of caution, those who dont believe in viruses are in part denying this threat, because Rashid, believed in viruses. But I think this does not regard a virus, but the toxins of the virus, and that the hydrogel needs only manufacture those.

    2. Marburg = mandatory vaccination or face death in the prison camps.

      It is a fight to the death. Seriously.

      They have planned the narrative, and they are using your own family against you.

  5. I read somewhere that the “lab leak” of the last pandemic happened on the same weekend or even day (Sunday, Oct 6th, 2019) that Antipope Bergoglio allowed an idol to be brought into St Peter’s and put on the altar at the beginning of the Synod on the Family. It was the same day or week that Sr Agnes from Akita said we must do much reparation and penance.

    I suppose these evil psychopaths will want to augment the effects of their evil by having Pope Francis do something similar at the start, during or end of the Synod on Synodality which happens to run from October 4th to the 29th, 2023. We should watch out for this although I think now that he is pope I doubt he will succumb to such a grave evil.

    1. There was no lab lead, but I do believe the Pachamama cerimony was asked by the Globalists to test the Catholic World to see how much mind control Bergoglio had over him and how fast the fake opposition to Bergoglio, would keep attention on him rather than on them.

      1. But does a desecration like the Pachamama in St Peter’s give spiritual power to the agents of the devil?

      2. No, the Devil does not gain any power by acts of desecration or worship of demons. However, those who do such things, fall more under his power by virtue of their consent to such a horror. And if one has the power over something he can desecrate it in the sense of invoking demons to inhabit it or infest it. Bergoglio was not the pope when he did the pachamama stunt, and therefore had no legal right over the things he desecrated. Therefore, though they must be exorcised and reconsecrated, it is not as bad as it could have been. Still, they sin who celebrate Mass in St. Peter’s before it is reconsecrated. However, since the high alter was profaned recently, and a ceremony was held, it could be that the bishop who performed it, secretly did these things while he performed the lesser ritual.

    1. That I cannot answer, as my article only regards the symbolic signification which the Globalists may use for the launch. I suppose if they chose such an hour it will regard some cultic site which is important to their worship.

      But do not fixate on my prognostication. It is only a conjecture.

  6. Chiedo scusa, ma in precedenza si era detto che la guerra sarebbe diventata mondiale. Come si spigherebbe questo con l’armistizio che viene improvvisamente previsto? A questo punto la confusione si fa davvero paralizzante. Forse dovremmo cercare di valutare i fenomeni in base a indizi e a prove concrete piuttosto che basarci su esercizi esasperati di numerologia e simbolismo esoterico.

    1. La minaccia di guerra nucleare or mondiale sembra ogni giorno un narrativo falso incitato dagli Globalisti per cattuare la nostra attenzione.

  7. They have pinpoint accuracy of finding you as long as you have a device: laptop, cell phone, a smart watch or a smartphone.

    Look at map carta. The government uses the same application and you can be tracked.

  8. I see, so regarding the mini-statues of saints, crucifix, image of Jesus and/or Mary or wooden sculptures of the Holy Family, I cannot use them for praying unless I know they are consecrated / blessed by a priest?

    1. No, these can be used without a blessing. But there is more grace if they are blessed, since by the blessing the devils are kept away from their presence.

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