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Pope Francis must resign or be removed from office!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Unless you live on Mars or have been in a coma since 2013, as a Catholic you are aware of the immense and innumerable scandalous acts, statements, meetings and documents published by Pope Francis.

The outrage of the Catholic world against this man is justified. First for his usurpation of the papal office, while Pope Benedict XVI lived, since he never abdicated it. Second for his manifest heretical statements against the right of the state to impose capital punishment, the utility of capital punishment, the moral legitimacy of capital punishment, Catholic Marriage’s indissolubility, the Apostolic Tradition regarding shunning sinners and refusing the Sacraments to the impenitent, the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin, the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and most recently — to omit a list which would go on for pages — for his attack against the Divine Name Itself by approving of “Gay Blessings”.

Numerous Letters calling for his repentance, reprehension or removal from office have been signed by thousands of Catholics since 2013.

First, there was the petition to the Cardinals in 2016, reported by FromRome.info on April 17 of that year, signed by 1317 Catholics and calling for the Cardinals to investigate Pope Francis and declare him deposed for heresy: a petition censored by Trad Inc. and the Grifter Collective, whose job has only been to defend Pope Francis from being removed from office.

In that year, a milk toast letter of indignation was published by scholars against the erroneous implications and statements contained in Amoris Laetitia. But no one remembers that today.

Then, 3 years later, they upped their game by issuing a Letter accusing him of the crime of heresy in 2019. But still they took no action.

Most recently, there has been the petition of Catholics to the Bishops of the Roman Province to put Pope Francis on trial. The Grifter Collective and Trad Inc. have stubbornly refused even to mention the existence of this one, which is the first to call for a canonically valid way of removing Pope Francis from office.

But I am not going to hold my breath, as it were, waiting that they will ever talk about it, because they both do not report the news to solve the problems, only to stir and, then, diffuse the anger against Pope Francis, as a sort of control mechanism for guaranteeing submission to heresy and apostasy.

But here at FromRome.Info, neither I nor my loyal readers play such diabolical games.

We say OPENLY, CLEARLY and without any hesitation and shame, today on the 11th anniversary of his usurpation of the Papacy:

Pope Francis must resign or be removed from office!

In this FromRome.info has never wavered or changed its position since 2014.

If you know of other petitions against the errors,, scandals, heresies of Pope Francis, whether they call for his removal from office, or resignation, please share links to them in the comments below.