FROMROME.INFO – Dec. 28 Report – Pope Benedict XVI falls very sick

Anyone who has received the Covid-19 Vaccine is ineligible to be elected Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Physical integrity has long been considered a requirement for holding office in the Church. So much so that in ancient times, in certain cases, it was required that the candidate prove he was a man.

The liberty from coercion is also legally required, because someone who is not free in mind, cannot be held to have freely accepted an office to which he was elected.

This is all the more a concern in the case of anyone who has nanotech injected into their bodies. Since this grows circuits and optical cables, it is not only a threat to their personal heath and liberty, it also puts in grave doubt their ability to make free acts or to do so in the privacy of their minds’ thoughts.

Since all these concerns are on the table, as it were, in the case of someone who has been DeathVaxxed, the election of such a person would be put in canonical doubt.

A pope must serve Jesus Christ. Someone who has taken what appears to be the mock up or roll out of the Mark of the Beast is clearly doubtfully a servant of Christ or a member of the Mystical Body.

It is my opinion, therefore, that such a person cannot lawfully be elected Roman Pontiff. He would always be a papa dubius, which according to jurisprudence, is a papa nullius, that is, a non-pope.

The election of anyone who will not disclose his vaxx status, should not be accepted, therefore, in any way whatsoever.

Likewise, as regards the Cardinal Electors in a Conclave.

The papal law on conclaves forbids absolutely that any electronic devices be admitted into the proceedings. If any Cardinal elector, validly nominated by Pope Benedict XVI or John Paul II — there are no others — has been deathvaxxed with nano-tech that is growing electronic circuits which can be used for remote sensing, then it is doubtful that the Conclave would be valid, if they were permitted to enter. Likewise for all those allowed entrance who are not Cardinals, for purposes of assisting in the ceremonies. This is a serious matter, but perhaps only those who are emitting MAC addresses must be refused entrance, since these alone are communicating with the outside world on bluetooth wavelengths.

Jesuit Magazine, “America” gloating like a vulture at Pope Benedict XVI’s Bedside

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is disgusting.

The Holy Father lies in bed, very sick, and the Jesuit magazine in the USA, runs a pre-prepared story about what happens when a Pope emeritus dies.

The piece is a work of pure propaganda.

The status of Pope emeritus is not an office, first of all, so there is no special procedure for when one dies.

Pope Benedict XVI clearly uses the term not officially, and thus is playing with the word “emeritus”, which in Latin has the double meaning of “retired” and “the one who is worthy to be called such”. And Cionci has proven clearly in his book, the Ratzinger code, that the Holy Father means the latter.

Moreover, the Holy Father has adopted this non existent title, Pope emeritus, precisely to avoid being reckoned as having validly renounced, in accord with chapter II of Boniface VIII decretals on Renunciations, whereby if one accepts another office, one’s renunciation must be considered valid, even if juridically irritus.

The America article is an AP story, showinng the lock-step unity between the Rothschilds, the CIA and the Society of Jesus in defending the legal pretentions of Bergoglio to be the pope.

The key lie, in the article is this:

“The only thing certain is that the most important ritual following the death of a pope—a conclave to elect a new one—does not apply.

The exact opposite is the truth, because Pope emeritus = True Pope.

The article then goes on to build the rationale for denying the Holy Father a funeral as the pope. They want to give him the funeral of a bishop emeritus of Rome. Something which also has never existed.

The spin is now in high gear. This confesses that everyone knows that Benedict XVI is the true pope, and that the obstruction of the election of his successor is of top priority at the Vatican and in Washington D. C., and Basel, Switzerland, home of the Bank of International Settlements.


As Benedict lies in bed, LA7 TV pushes fake narrative, “When he renounced the Pontifical”

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Gross and obscene is the only word for it. For as the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI is bedridden with complications with his kidneys, LA7, a TV channel which broadcasts to Italy and near by nations, has the impudence to speculate that the Pope is near death, while affirming the fake news, long ago repudiated by its source, Giovanni Chirri, that the Pope renounced the Pontificate.

That lie was exposed and the historical record corrected in the now famous 2021 documentary, A Message in a Bottle. Pope Benedict XVI never said that he renounced the pontificate. That message was the invention of an ANSA reporter who did not know her Latin.

The LA7 report, begins with a youngster standing just outside of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, saying, that Pope Benedict “renounced the pontifical” (Pontificio)! The correct Italian “Pontificate” (Pontificato) seems unknown to him.

Click the link above to watch the 2:58 broadcast.

VATICAN: Pope Benedict XVI reportedly very ill


Pope Francis asks for prayers for ‘very ill’ Benedict XVI

Vatican City ( KAP)

In a press release, the Vatican announced today at around 11:30 a.m.:

“Regarding the health of the Pope Emeritus, for whom Pope Francis requested prayer at the end of this morning’s general audience, I can confirm that there has been a deterioration in recent hours due to advancing age. The situation is currently still under control and is constantly monitored by the doctors. Following the general audience, Pope Francis went to the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery to visit Benedict XVI. We join him in praying for the Pope Emeritus”.


ITALY: Judge orders Forensic Analysis of the DeathVaxx

Summary and commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a lawsuit regarding workers rights here in Italy, the plantiff has convinced the judge to order the forensic analysis of the DeathVaxx. This landmark decision is the firs of its kind in Italy and is likely to produce results which will overturn the entire DeathVax campaign in the territory of the Italian Republic, if not world wide.

The plaintiff, a 50 year old worker who was diagnosed with Covid-19 and recovered, is asking the court to be exempted from the DeathVaxx requirement of the worker’s employer.

The civil case is being heard by the Tribunal of Pesaro, on the backside of the leg of the Italian peninsula.

Attorney Nicoletta Morante, who represents the plaintiff has succeeded in convincing the court, that if the Covid-19 Vaccine does not contain a truly scientific solution to the threat of Covid that her client should not be penalized by the State and their employer.

A forensic laboratory will now examine vials of the vaccine and report its findings to the Court.

And those findings — as we know from studies done world wide — are apt to be explosive.


UKRAINE: Catholics are all united in fasting & prayer to obtain Ukrainian victory

Dr. Tenpenny interviews Attorney Todd Callender: Latest News about Perpetuating the Scamdemic

Take-Aways: Homo Borg Genesis is what is ultimately intended for those who take the DeathVaxxes. — There will be a Marburg Pandemic because the US govt. already funded response to that. — The US Constitution has been suspended since March 2020, when the “Pandemic” was declared. — The Globalists are attempting to install the Soviet System throughout the whole world. — The Economist Magazine is the Rothschild mouthpiece. — Kickback to the Great Reset is causing the Globalist plan to break down. Resistance must increase and continue. — 1 out of 73 who got the early DeathVaxxes are already dead. — The FDA is no longer overseeing any DeathVaxx production, no standards whatsoever, upto 49% of the contents of which can change at any moment. This is planned Democide, the Scamdemic has not stopped. The Globalists intend to inject everyone with this, no matter what they call the injection, a flue shot, or a vaccine, or a booster. — We have to create parallel societies, now, posthaste. — We have to opt out of what the Globalists are proposing. — Callender: Since March 2020, all police and governments knew the contents of our Criminal complaint, which refers to all what we have discussed today, but they did not care. — In the USA, One to Two Million are no longer paying taxes nor using their SSN numbers, in protest to what has happened. — Our rule of life must now be: God & No! that is, build your relationship with the Creator and say NO to everything the Globalists propose. — Subsequent to this interview is a premium offer for those subscribed to Tenpenny’s podcasts on Borg Genesis.

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