VATICAN, now occupied by World Jewish Congress, pressured to bend toward Israel

The Vatican’s entrance into the Rothschild geopolitical orbit bodes ill for the security of the ecclesiastical State

Security & Intelligence Analysis by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that the World Jewish Congress (read, Rothschild Front) has opened an office inside Vatican City, we shall see a series of Rothschild demands packaged in Jewish controlled media as part of the theatre to explain the further Judaizing program of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Bergoglio was not the first pope to court Jewish interests. And he may not be the last. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both numbered Jews among their maternal ancestors, and arguably could have been reckoned as such by them.

All this bespeaks of a terribly corrupt Vatican which has lost its way, forgetting that it is supposed to serve the true Heir of King David, Jesus Christ, the Lord God Sabbaoth, not the despicable money grubbing satanic Rothschild Family which hopes to put one of its own on the throne of a one world government.

But this bending toward Judaism might be the catastrophe allowed by the Divine Majesty, because the more the Vatican moves into the orbit of Israeli foreign policy, the more the Vatican risks becoming a target for radical Islamic Terrorism, and the possible horrific tragedy foreseen by Pope Saint Pius X, of a Vatican filled with corpses.

The Vatican’s security is notoriously lax, as documented here at FromRome.Info in numerous reports. In my professional opinion, there is no way Vatican Security could stop such an attack and numerous major faults in their security systems which would make it a walk in the park, compared to attacking an Embassy or Military Base.

As can be seen from the article above, the propaganda techniques of Edward Bernays are at work. Take the title of the article and replace “Jewish” with “Christian” to understand the truth of the moment by what Pope Francis is doing courting Rothschild favors. But the real meaning of the article is that, “You cannot be only a little submitted to the Rothschild plan for the world, you have to be totally committed or otherwise your loyalty is questionanble”.  In response to this article, expect loud protestations from bought-and-paid or black-mailed Vatican officials calling for greater “dialogue” and “rapproachment”, sprinked with bitter denunciation of past “Catholic anti-semitism” and the traditional Roman Rite, which rightfully prayed on Good Friday “for the perfidious Jews”.

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