Dr. Galat was never excommunicated

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the most courageous laymen in the last 7 years was Dr. Galat, producer of the TV program, Cafe con Galat. He had the integrity to admit that Bergoglio was teaching lies and heresies and that therefore he was ipso facto excommunciated. Also, he had the integrity to examine the so called, Renunciation of Pope Benedict, and see that it was not in conformity with the norm of Canon Law.

Dr. Galat y Galat was , President of the Universidad La Gran Colombia and founder of Canal Teleamiga.

He had such influence in Latin America (his programs were nearly all in Spanish) that the Bergoglians in Colombia conceived a plot to assassinate his good name. They put out a statement saying he was excommunicated, but they never issued such a decree.

He tells the entire story in this episode:

After his death, however, the Bergoglians took over his works and erased his YouTube programs which criticized Bergoglio.

FromRome.Info posts this video to defend the memory of this great man, and as an example of how a layman should act in this present crisis. His name will live in honor an reverence, and may God glorify his soul, if he has not yet reached the Gates of Paradise!

Here is a short video, honoring his memory:


Here is an interview he gave a year before his death:

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Galat was never excommunicated”

  1. You and Ann B. could face the same fate Alexis. What’s your plan? I would guess it would be to soldier on as Church Militant is required to do.

  2. What a tribute to our Great Saint Joseph in his holy month, to remind the world of another Joseph who lived in our time as a true example of Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church and protector of the Papacy!

    “Don Jose”, in good memory, had the courage to rise against the entire Colombian Episcopal Conference, and to their greatest shame and embarrassment, remain defeated til this very day, along with every other prelate who continues promoting obedience to Bergoglio as pope.

    The Colombian Episcopal Conference, beginning with the president who is depicted in your article, refused to publicly debate Dr. Galat in regard to the invalidity of Benedict XVI, or to even refute the canonical arguments.

    I don’t think Bishops, priests and clergy will have the courage to depart from this world and be willing to confront Dr. José Galat, standing at the gates of heaven next to Saint Peter, St. Joseph, all Holy Popes, priests and Bishops, and explain their fake threats of excommunications to those who remained faithful to the True Pope, Benedict XVI. They better repent and change course!

  3. Sorry to learn of Dr. Galat’s death. I have kept him in my thoughts & prayers & have always believed that PF hasn’t the power to excommunicate anyone because he is an Anti-pope. They just want to frighten into submission.

    After recently been warned myself that I was removing myself from Communion with the Church I assured the priest I wasn’t as PBXVI was still alive & the true successor of St. Peter.

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