Castel San Angelo: where St. Michael the Archangel ended the plague at Rome

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3 thoughts on “Castel San Angelo: where St. Michael the Archangel ended the plague at Rome”

  1. After watching this breaking announcement, I can see why Saint Michael would not intervene just yet, as he needs to stay put until the divine purpose of the shut down is executed: – Justice be done.

    This may involve the Vatican Bank, since it is well-known that Nicolas Maduro and other high-ranking narco drug trafficking officials may have bank accounts in the Vatican Bank, Venezuelan Bishops and Nuncios must have been involved for such a long time, and even Venezuelan
    clergy living in the U.S., and other criminals who will now not be able to escape by travelling internationally (leaving Italy or the U.S.) or leave whatever country they are in until they are arrested.

    1. While what you say may be true, I find it ironic that a US official, where the courts are so corrupt you get a judge appointed for your case on the basis of who knows how and how they want the case to turn out, laughable. Let us not think that in a masonic system, the courts are just.

  2. Excellent Brother. Thank you. Let us pray that St. Michael comes to the Church’s rescue again to save it from the plague of heresy and

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