Bergoglian Nuncio demands that Benedict return to Prison tomorrow!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Pope Benedict XVI departure from the Vatican had all the marks of an operation done without the approval of Bergoglio.

  1. No announcement to leading journalists of the impending voyage.
  2. Help of Gianni, former Head of the Vatican Police, ousted by Bergoglio for his daring raid on the Secretary of State’s corrupt real estate investment office.
  3. Use of Italian Secrete Police and Italian Military aircraft without any public notice in the Italian Papers.
  4. Statement of the Diocese of Regensburg, that the Pope had no immediate or definitive plans to return to the Vatican.
  5. Statement by the Bild Zeitung that there was doubt he would ever return.
  6. Speculation in Regensburg that he would remain, and how much it would be an honor to the city.
  7. Arrival of Bergoglio’s Nuncio at Regensburg on Saturday, two days after the arrival of Pope Benedict, as public display of Bergoglio’s approval.

Now we appear to have further confirmation in this:

  1. German press has announced that Benedict will return to the Vatican on Monday.
  2. No statement about who made this decision.
  3. Immediate return would contradict nearly every press release since today.
  4. Announcement made on FaceBook page (how official!) of the Diocese of Regensburg by Nuncio saying Benedict will return.

I think we can conclude that the German Nuncio demanded that Gänswein hall his prisoner back to the Vatican, or else. There is just too much risk to the Bergoglian house of lies if he should begin to speak freely to the public.

I ask, “What ever happened to leaving Benedict alone so that he and his brother could spend the final days of his brother’s life in peace?”

The way Pope Benedict XVI is  being forced back so quickly demonstrates just one thing. Everyone in the Vatican knows that he is the true pope and Bergoglio is the fake. And Bergoglio has recognized that his own grasp on power demands that he keep the true pope under lock and key where NO ONE can talk to him.

In past ages, Catholic Kingdoms and Principalities waged war to liberate the Pope.  Every head of state in the West should think about that.  The Italian Republic has very limited military power, and cannot provide any effective resistance. Why, the U.S.A. has a paratroop division at Mantua. All it takes is a phone call from the White House. Even the menace of such an action will convince the Republic of Italy to urge the Vatican to let Benedict go.


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12 thoughts on “Bergoglian Nuncio demands that Benedict return to Prison tomorrow!”

  1. I think His Holiness, Pope Benedict fled Rome. He will end up going in to hiding. Possibly from Germany, I guess! Eventually, he will be found by them, however, and killed/martyred. I kept wondering why the word ‘exile’ was used; this story unfolding seems to make far more sense to me. I am praying the angels carry him out or assist when he goes in to hiding. He clearly needs a safe place.

    1. OR if Benedict is forced back to Rome the predicted “exile” would come later. Nostradamus’ prophecy was that the next-to-last pope (which is certainly Benedict, with Peter the Roman being the “last” and chosen by bishops outside the Roman rite at the martyrdom of Benedict according to St. John Bosco’s vision) would “flee Rome in December when the great comet is seen in the daytime.” The only KNOWN visible comet that will appear this December is COMET 141P/MACHHOLZ 2 (Perihelion 2020 December 15) but that does not appear it will be bright enough to fit Nostradamus’ description.

  2. Let us continue to pray the Rosary — intensified by fasting, insofar as we are each able — consecrating this entire situation to Our Lady!
    Dr. Maria Desjardins
    PS – Thank you, Brother Bugnolo, for being so on top of this and keeping us posted!

  3. These people hauling around the Pope are satanists, from Gänswein on down to Dr. Cyborg. I have never seen or heard about an elderly person ever visiting a sick brother or relative and not remaining with them for more than 2 days, if not until their passing away. Could it be that they found out that Benedict’s brother Georg was not so sick after all and that Benedict’s intention may have been to get away from these monsters, so that’s why they decided to fly him back to Rome right away?? Or, did the German clergy protest demanding that they fly him back to Rome immediately and that they did not want him in Germany??

  4. Feast (By Transfer) of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    Third Sunday After Pentecost
    The Summer Solstice, 21st June A. D. MMXX

    My dear Fra Alexis,

    Thank you for your dogged coverage and analysis of the drama of the Flight of the Pope!

    I fully agree with you that Antipope Francis cannot abide Pope Benedict free and on the loose, even with the panoply of Francis-Puppets around him to control, i.e. block & prevent, media access.

    The outrageous demand of the nuncio must be rejected with all due force.

    Here’s one possible solution, which would require immediate action at the highest levels of government.
    I would suggest with this new development of the demand, of the Antipope conveyed by the Antipapal Nuncio, that pope Benedict apply for asylum in Bavaria.


    Pope Benedict needs to lodge, or have lodged on his behalf, an asylum claim. If he is under enemy control, perhaps President Trump could make it on his behalf.

    President Trump could make it happen. One little phone call.

    “Angela, my friend Pope Benedict is being persecuted. He needs a little time for R & R with his brother and fellow Bavarians. Please make it happen. Or, we can withdraw out of Germany our U. S. troops and you and your NWO can deal with Putin yourself.”

    Perhaps the valiant and unerringly accurate and truthful Archbishop Viganò can facilitate this request, as he has many diplomatic channels available to him and an apparently cordial relationship with POTUS.

    Someone may have to make the request on Pope Benedict’s behalf, as he is fully surrounded by minions of Bergoglio (Antipope).
    Minions of the false Francis and master manipulators surround Pope benedict. Legion, in fact. Plural.

    Let’s review who they are:

    A nurse who’s not a nurse.

    A papal Nuncio who’s an antipapal nuncio.

    Archbishop Gänswein, who at best suffers from dual and divided loyalties: Man cannot serve Pope and Anti-Pope simultaneously, “For he will other love the one and hate the other,” or the reverse. One-time puppet (still?) of Bergoglio and The Lavender Network.

    On the German front we have more trouble yet.

    The German Faction, Knights of Malta. A Malteser Van transported Pope Benedict–see video at link from Bavarian journal. Malteser means Knights of Malta, which especially in Germany, means the wholly corrupt, Un-Catholic Boeselager faction. (I invite your attention to U.S. reports: “the disgraced Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, actively colluded with high-ranking Vatican prelates to bring about the ouster of Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing,” facilitating Francis’s hijacking of the Order, theft of its funds, and rehabilitation of said Boeselager. .)

    And in the secular political realm, in the kingdom of the secular, we have the very head of the new world order, Miss Merkel. The secular equivalent of Francis.

    And finally, Antipope Francis, the Apostate, the False Pope, the undisputed anti-religious head of the new world order, pulling all the strings.

    I hope Benedict has a plan. I am sure Our Lord and Savior has a plan. In the meantime, maybe we all can strike a blow for the good as well….

    Immaculate Heart, Pray for Pope Benedict.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy your Vicar Benedict, and on Your flock, that is, on us all!

    Viva il Papa! Viva, Benedetto!

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    Your Brother in Christ, one dumb sheep in the pew,

    Brother Chris

  5. Does not Pope Benedict retain his German citizenship? If so, I cannot see why he cannot stay permanently. Unless, thug thugs with him drag him kicking and screaming.

  6. I wish I would have known earlier… I would have loved to have gone to Germany and get a group of faithful Germans together and defend our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and “over our dead bodies, take him from his exile”, would have loved to have transported him in secret to a Monastery in Poland, Czestochowa… There the Polish People would defend Our Holy Father also… he goes back to Vatican City, he will be a true prisoner!

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