Meluzzi: I know that the upper echelons have taken a fake vaxx, because they offered it also to me

ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the Transcript of the above video


Dr. Alessandro Meluzzi (Psychology & Theology): “A good part of those who have been vaccinated, from a certain level and up, have taken fake vaccines.  I can certify this because they offered it to me too.  Do you know what was the response that caused me to be pigeon-holed definitively as a nut? : “Because I do not want to pollute my karma!”.  And this is the only thing which give me courage to stand here today to fight and to  not hide away in a basement like a mouse”.

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9 thoughts on “Meluzzi: I know that the upper echelons have taken a fake vaxx, because they offered it also to me”

  1. Le professeur Alessandro Meluzzi : « La plupart de ceux qui ont été vaccinés, à partir d’une certaine sphère, ont fait de faux vaccins. Je vous le certifie car ils me l’ont également proposé. Savez-vous quelle a été ma réponse qui m’a définitivement rendu fou ? Parce que je ne veux pas salir mon karma. Et c’est la seule chose qui me donne aujourd’hui le courage d’être encore là à me battre et de ne pas être caché dans une cave comme une souris”.

  2. I thought as much that this was going on! So here’s proof. So he says his conscience tells him no and he is worried about karma. Is that what he basically says? I don’t know him though. Is he reliable Br. Bugnolo?

    1. Meluzzi is a highly respected commentatory with a Doctorate in Psychology and another Doctorate in Theology. He is also a Nestorian Bishop.

  3. I wonder why they’d go to the trouble of making a fake vaxx instead of just offering fake passports or papers. Anyway, good for anyone who refuses to take any part whatsoever in the scam, and this scam within the scam.

    1. So that the politicians and authority figures can look good on TV and media “getting vaccinated” in order to encourage the population to get jabbed. “How can this vaccine be bad? I just saw the president and the “Pope” taking it!”

  4. There’s an easy way to put an end to this madness. Make the vaxx mandatory for all federal and state lawmakers. And mandatory d-dimer blood testing to ensure none of them got a placebo. One way or another we’d be done with this blight in no time; either they’d finally step up and tell us the truth, or their plague of evil would self destruct.

      1. On paper. Nothing in the US at least has been fair or right or just in my lifetime, at least. I watched an attorney video last night in which he detailed all the high profile people he has indicted. Then what, the file just sits in a drawer? He goes on to talk about all the corrupt judges and how difficult it is to get an impartial one to hear a case. Personally I’m just trying to stay alive until the end of this year when I’m free to move, to a log cabin in the mountains. Where I plan to lock the gate. Period.

  5. Sounds like a whistleblower reported something similar to RNZ. (Radio New Zealand) Nobody is putting 2 and 2 together however.
    It’s just come out in the media now that in New Zealand some people were accidentally given saline solution instead of the Pfizer v@xx. Funny that they have vials of saline solution along with the vaccination vials isn’t it? Their explanation for how it happened is not very believable either.

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