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  1. Yesterday, in the store as I was looking in the utensils section, a woman stood behind me in the same utensils section.
    I was stunned at the breathing of the woman because it was so abnormal, labored, and gasping.
    When I turned around, Io and behold, she was wearing a mask.

    I spoke to help her by explaining that she is unable to breathe, and must take off her mask because she is in trouble and unable to breathe. The deer in the headlight look supported the truth that this poor woman was killing herself by mask oxygen deprivation for only GOD knows how long in these plandemic times. I continued to encourage her with research and scientific information to no avail. When I advised her that scientists, doctors, and 47 scientific studies have proven that not only are masks ineffective, but they are also harmful to the health of people causing organ damage and serious oxygen deprived breathing detriments.

    Her response was that her daughter is a doctor. I then told her that her daughter does not know what she is talking about.
    This woman then thanked me for my concern, and casually and without anger walked away.


    I have been praying for this woman, and I have so far been unable to forget about this experience. In this age in which we are living, it is so hard to break through to people with sound reasoning nor with right judgement, reality, and truth.

    GOD BLESS those such as Brother Bugnolo, Rabbi Weissman in this video, and the others who risk themselves to do this work of GOD because these people are instruments of GOD for our times; and we must all do our part because GOD requires us to do so, for LOVE OF HIM and in charity toward others. To act as well as to pray is GOD’S PERDFECT PLAN to bring forth HIS TURNING POINT which will usher in the TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.

    GOD IS EVERYTHING, and EVERYTHING WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED to the massive defeat of the satanists and their father satan who lies in wait for his head to be crushed according to GOD’S PLAN. THE BLESSED MOTHER has revealed the VICTORY in HER many apparitions in which SHE came to warn and comfort us.

    Added to this is that MARY, the MOTHER OF GOD, is crushing the evil one and his minions daily as can be certainly recognized when we have eyes to see and ears to hear.


    1. Thank-you so much. Too bad this can’t reach the unfaithful without faith. Refusal to accept God is allowing Lucifer/Satan to further blind and make deaf. Keep praying for these poor lost souls so suggestible to the Terror Mongers, Censorious Govt. Prostitutes across the board working for Satan’s ends.

  2. 1. The rabbi says that only God has power and there are no other gods that act in the world. However, that conflicts with what we can read for ourselves in the Jewish Bible, aka Old Testament. A title for God is “God of gods” (e.g., Psalm 136:2).

    2. Apparently the devil has power to act in this world. The devil tells Jesus in the desert that the dominion over this world had been handed over to him by God. Jesus in their conversation does not deny this claim. However, it could be argued that Jesus expects us to realize that the devil is lying about the extent of his power. . . . However, we can turn to the Jewish Bible and read in Job and in Genesis that the devil is active in the world. Perhaps the devil’s powers are more of persuasion (of Eve, e.g.). But Job’s misery does seem to be caused by a spiritual entity capable of manipulating material conditions.

    3. The rabbi, probably unwittingly, is stating the case for metaphysical occasionalism. Occasionalism is a philosophical doctrine about causation which says that created substances cannot be efficient causes of events. Instead, all events are taken to be caused directly by God. More information about Occasionalism can be read in the Catholic Encyclopedia or the Encyclopedia of Philosophy. . . . Nowadays it is primarily considered to be a Muslim concept. And it most likely can be show to be contrary to Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas and Duns Scotus and Natural Law. It might also have been rebuked as heretical by the Catholic Church around the time of Rene Descartes because Occasionalism makes God causative of all evil in the world.

    One of the main contributions of Catholic philosophers was their insistence on making distinctions. St. Benedict famously said, “whenever you reach a contradiction, make a distinction”. And thus, when we speak of causes and moral responsibilities, whenever we speak of power, we should seek to make a distinction what power that is. We should be careful not to conflate a theory of material causation with moral theory.

    Lastly, although in our times the material world is over emphasized to the point of it becoming an idol (and in this point the rabbi is correct), the other horn is to so de-emphasize the material world that it becomes nothing but illusory. And this illusion would make a mockery of sacramental theology, both Jewish and Catholic, which demand the use of specific material objects such as an ox instead of a pig, oil, wine, water.

    1. It is not a contradiction to say there are no orher gods and that God is the God og gods, since Sacred Scripture says both. However, since the poer of exorcism is a perogative of Christ and His priests, I can understand why some Jews fear to admit that there are devils and they do run amuck.

      1. Thanks for this response as I was wondering about what you wrote here. Not certain about this particular Jewish person’s conception of the devil. Do know from an Exorcist of an exorcism carried-out with a Jewish person where the supreme devil called self “Lucifer” and not Satan supporting lesser demon forces as they supported Lucifer. Know that Jewish sects have slightly different views about this issue of faith.

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