Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury: You are immoral if you do not get DeathVaxxed

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11 thoughts on “Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury: You are immoral if you do not get DeathVaxxed”

  1. In Hong Kong, the Anglican hierarchy and the Catholic hierarchy acted in lockstep regarding Covid since late January 2020 at latest.

    In the space of 16 hours on 13/14 February, first the Catholic one evening, then the Anglican the next morning promulgated restrictions on Mass and worship that were almost identical.

    Neither appeared to have been required by the Hong Kong SAR Government and went much further than restrictions on places of business, including (say) Apple stores. (I gave that example in a protest to the then Apostolic Administrator, Cardinal John Tong Hon, because Apple stores here are invariably packed and vibrant – more so than most Catholic or Anglican churches most of the time.)

    People wondered if both hierarchies had been leaned on by the Mainland’s United Front Work Department. That may indeed have played a role, but it seems that WEF was providing the script and really pulling the strings.

  2. The Anglican church has undergone a precipitous decline in England over the last 40 years and is now little more than a social justice outfit, with God occasionally mentioned. Most sensible Anglicans switched to Rome a while ago, leaving behind a very left-wing ramp. The incumbent Archbishop is a manifestation of this.

    Meanwhile the Catholic Church last year re-consecrated England to Our Lady as her Dowry. Any Catholic renewal in the West starts right here as we pray for protection from Satan and all evil by placing ourselves under her mantle.

  3. Indeed, Abp. Welby– whats up?
    It seems y’all are tawkin’ out chyaw hat, like a bag man for the robber barons. Or, perhaps, like a ventriloquist’s doll for Big Pharma and Big ‘Other.
    Upshot being…that I am a moral person only if I get the kovid kill-shot? Whence the prerogative to judge right or wrong vis how I choose in this matter?
    Medical Nemesis, by Ivan Illich, (1976) in Ch.2, on the “Medicalization of Life” suggests how this dog hunts.
    Illich writes “Medicine is a moral enterprise and therefore inevitably gives content to good and evil. …medicine, like law and religion, defines what is normal…desirable.”
    “Disease takes its features from the physician who casts the actors into one of the available roles” he says, citing back to an article on “public degradation ceremonies” by H. Garfinkel in The American Journal of Sociology (March 1956).
    “To make people legitimately sick is as implicit in the physician’s power as the poisonous potential of the remedy that works”, he writes. “The medicine man commands [both] poisons and charms.”
    In ancient Greece, “pharmakon”, the only word for “drug”, made no distinction “between the power to cure and the power to kill”, Illich says.
    “The priest declares what is holy and who has broken a taboo”
    while the doctor is a “moral entrepreneur,” charged with “inquisitorial powers to discover certain wrongs to be righted.
    “Medicine, like all crusades, creates a new group of outsiders each time it makes a new diagnosis stick. Morality is as implicit in sickness as it is in crime or in sin”, he adds.
    May we recover morality from the paymasters and their pimps in 2022.

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