BREAKING: Draghi’s new Sanitary Decree blocked by Minister for Economic Development!

Commentary and English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning turn of events, Draghi’s own Minister for Economic Development has turned on him.

GianCarlo Giorgetti at the prospect of another Sanitary Diktat to impose now further the obligation of being DeathVaxxed has drawn a line in the ground:  “Another year like this is not possible!”

The battle erupted yesterday and went all day long. Giorgetti declared, “No 2G! No vaccine obligation!”

2G is the acronym for a hard lockdown for unvaccinated residents and citizens, of the type now being imposed in Austria and Germany. See the article by Il Messagero from Nov. 17th last for more on this.

Now Draghi has painted himself into a corner. Giorgetti’s rebellion risks the fall of his government, since the Minister for Economic Development hails from Salvini’s Lega party, and thus controls the necessary votes in the Senate to botch any legislative decree.  Therefore, Draghi must either go ahead and issue the Diktat imposing the Super DeathVaxx Passport upon more persons, as planned, but under his own personal authority or give up the plan and trigger a possible no confidence vote in Parliament.

Seeing that Draghi was never elected to parliament, if he goes ahead on his own, he lacks immunity from prosecution in Italian law.

It was last winter, nearly a year ago, that Giuseppe Conte was betrayed by a coalition member causing his government to collapse. He resigned on January 23, 2021, the first anniversary of the Supplica Perpetua to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani.  It seems, that Our Lady is out to crush under Her Immaculate Foot another cockroach.

Praise be to God!

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  1. This accelerates the coming in of the DIVINE WORLD ORDER, or better: is Divine Intercession in the world situation.

    Un messaggio fantastico: grazie a Frà Bugnolo e il minister for Economic Development.

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