ITALY: National Medical Board expels Dr. De Mari, leading opponent of Scamdemic Protocols

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In no surprise to those who know that the government of Giorgia Melloni, hailed a right-wing reactionary to Globalism, is nothing of the kind, the Order of Doctors in Italy has officially expelled Dr. Silvana de Maria from the medical profession. She can no longer give medical care in return for compensation.

Her crimes? Speaking against the deadly and erroneous protocols issued by the World Death Organization and the Italian Ministry of “Health” which moved lock step in accord with dictates of Bill Gates and Pfizer to maximize mortality during the recent alleged pandemic.

Above you can read the article in the leading Italian newspaper, where Dr. De Mari in a long editorial rebuts the injustice done her. She is one of the great Catholic Heroines of Italy and her name will always be held in benediction.

This is a big disappointment for her, for she had truly believed that with the Melloni government Italy would see substantial changes.

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2 thoughts on “ITALY: National Medical Board expels Dr. De Mari, leading opponent of Scamdemic Protocols”

  1. Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger at Lakappropet Conference in Stockholm was rudely shot-down by Dr. Ryan Cole in the middle of her presentation when Graphene Oxide was raised as a topic. Dr. Jane Ruby provided her platform to allow Dr. Astrid to finish speaking and she, too, was disappointed and appeared to suffer some level of cognitive dissonance at the realization of colleagues of many years to be exposed evil and having personal gain motivating selfishness, secrecy and censorship. She stated as much and turned white in the face as Dr. Jane said the word ‘evil’ aloud and Dr. Astrid agreed.

    It is SO heart-rendering to learn of such matters…So difficult to accept reprimand with docility out of shock at feeling unexpected public humiliation from those one believes supportive friends as well as respected colleagues.

    We are certainly being enlightened as to who has/is choosing which side at this time. It’s sometimes a bitter pill to swallow and then we have to pray…As if we do not; God will hold us accountable.

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