How the CIA Controls the minds of nearly everyone in the Catholic Church, right now

And the role Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre played in it.

Background information on CIA goals for world domination:

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30 thoughts on “How the CIA Controls the minds of nearly everyone in the Catholic Church, right now”

  1. Isn’t not following the law to go to the tridentine rite? which is the approved latin rite of the Catholic Church? Independently of the mess behind the sspx?

      1. That it is better to go to the tridentine rite offered by sspx rather than a NO rite because under church Law the tridentine rite is the one that corresponds to the Latin rite. Is that correct?

      2. The Popes have allowed the Mass to be celebrated throughout the ages according to different rites. Even according to the new Rites. Where a priest with authorization of a Catholic Bishop celebrates mass, it is always better to go there first of all. The SSPX are a gladio operation, founded by the son of a MI5 Agent, which is notorious for harboring and promoting serial pedophiles. I could never advise anyone to go to mass with them.

  2. This situation of the CIA controlling nearly everyone is just devastating, really.

    But as soon as I can, I am going to talk with my dear bishop

  3. Hi Brother Bugnolo.

    You mentioned in the video that it was only recently known that Marcel Lefebvre’s father ran a spy ring for MI6. Just wanted to share two sources I found published quite sometime ago:

    1. Articles publushed in The Angelus June and Juky 1984 editions about René Lefebvre and his wife by their youngest son (brother of Marcel Lefebvre) make reference to his activities during WWI.

    2. All’s Fair & Secrets of the White Lady both by Henry Landau published in 1934 and 1935 make reference to Agent Lefebvre who ran the French spy ring part of the much greater White Lady soy ring run by Henry Landau himself. You can find the references by doing a search on google books.

      1. Yes. The Angelus articles make it seem he was simply involved in a spy network whereas the Henry Landau books make it clear he was the spy ring master.

  4. Your main argument here – that Lefebvre was controlled oposition because he signed the Vatican II documents and then a number of years later denounced the council and started a semi-schismatic sect – I think is the strongesf argument in favour of him being a mason or at the very least a CIA asset.

    Another strong piece of evidence I think is that his official biography from the Holy Ghost Father’s with whom he spent 30 years of his life finishes with the following:

    “His personal, intellectual and ecclesial orientation, which carried him to point of
    separation from the Church, will always remain a mystery to us.”

    1. what jumps out at me, worthy of further investigation, is why he did not remained with the Diocese of Lille, but switched to the Congregation of the Holy Spirit after ordination. There must have been so major problem, because that was his home diocese. They paid for his priestly formation.

      Next, that he never shared his motivations with fellow members of his religious Congregation and that not a single member of that Congregation joined him in his course of opposition. This is highly unusually, since in religious life, a religious has so many friendships and personal relations with his confreres that it is neigh impossible to hide one’s intentions or feelings.

      Finally, why after such a short term of service in Africa he was named Apostolic Delegate to Dakar, and later promoted to Archbishop. Someone had to be promoting his candidacy. And from the text of the biography cited above, it does not seem that it was the Spiritans. But as Apostolic Delegate in Dakar he would have had constant high level meetings with the Masons inside the colonial Govt., who obviously thought well of him for the Vatican to appoint him and promote him.

      So in this context, one needs to ask again, why the rector of the French Seminary who promoted him to the priesthood, was a Freemason; why the Bishop who ordained him was a freemason, and why was his father a spy ring leader for the British Masonic MI5, if this was all coincidence.

      1. Maybe the reason to send him to Senegal and Gabon was for the masons to influence the church in Africa. Evidence of this is that Achille Lienart established the Ad Lucem Medical foundation in 1932 in Lille together with Dr Louis Adjoulat (who was a closet homosexual and possibly also a mason) who established the first mission in Gabon in 1935. Dr Louis Adjoulat would later represent France at the WHO.

      2. Great research. I wonder if another reason was to create a sex trafficking pipe line for children from Gabon to France. — I base this wild speculation on the fact that the first two priests the Archbishop entrusted his mission to Gabon to, under the SSPX, are now known to have been serial pedophiles.

  5. Bro. Alexis, excellent research on the SSPX and founder! Maybe more can be exposed on how these groups are “used” to divide and conquer the One Holy Apostolic Church that has prophesies on this.

  6. Br Bugnolo

    I wanted to suggest openning a website called or something similar. I think there are many sspx’ers and traditionalists who would benefit greatly by this. I don’t have the expertise of running a website but I would certainly be willing to assist in the research. Let me know what you think.

    1. This is a great idea, but alas, I have not the time. is a great place to start a site, easily. But to do it well you will need help. Maybe there are already sites by ex members of the SSPX?

  7. Pope Benedict was a modernist in the sixties,there are pictures of him in secular clothes at the council,he later moved back towards tradition .A man may change his mind.

  8. Here is more information about Cardinal Liénart by the Marquis de la Franquerie from his book : L’Infalibilité Pontifical. Commenting on Cardinal Liénart’s public demand at Vatican II to have new members of the comissions be selected and new schema’s drawn up, so as to deflect the course of the council.

    ” At the time, we were told that Cardinal Liénart had acted on the orders of the Occult Power.

    Bishop Dupont, the Cardinal’s auxiliary bishop, in a talk given on 5 October 1968, confirmed the intervention of the Bishop of Lille at the Council during the 1st General Congregation on 13 October 1962:
    “The event must be told, for it was one in the historical sense of the word.
    “The first item on the agenda was the election of the members of the Conciliar Commissions. Everything seemed well that the work would be entrusted to reliable men who would continue the work already begun and recorded in some
    in a few disappointing outlines in which all that was discussed was the rights of the Church and a clever system for defending this sacred heritage”.
    of this sacred heritage”.

    “On 12 October at the French Embassy, the Cardinal told a journalist that he thought it was premature to proceed with the vote, as the bishops did not know each other.
    bishops did not yet know each other. And Monsignor Dupont continued:

    “Your auxiliary, Eminence, can testify that on the morning of the 13th when he entered the basilica with You, You
    had not changed your mind, on the contrary. You were, however, reluctant to intervene because you had not had time to prepare a text to that effect. Meeting another French Cardinal… put an end to your hesitation.

    “In the Aula of St Peter’s, each Father had before him a notebook of ten pages, each with sixteen blank lines,
    to write down the names of his candidates; at the same time he received the list of the members of the preconciliar Commissions. It was a kind of invitation, almost indiscreet, to renew the same bodies. We were offered a single list that telescoped the freedom to vote. We were to realise that the Council did not want a prefabricated list. From the Secretary General, Monsignor Felici, had announced the operation, to his great astonishment, because the regulations did not provide for any prior debate… the Council was in a state of shock.

    Cardinal Liénart stood up from the chair where he was sitting and asked that the vote be postponed so that the bishops could vote. The vote so that the bishops could first get to know each other: Forty-seven bishops’ conferences were present in Rome. Forty-seven bishops’ conferences were present in Rome: they will make contact and draw up lists of candidates. A round of applause broke out, and Cardinal
    Cardinal Frings rose in his turn and supported this proposal.
    can only declare the meeting adjourned.

    ” … The event caused a sensation…

    “The tone was set for the work of the Council. The National Conferences met, exchanged views, and elections were held in the full light of day.

    Il Messagero of 22 October from headlining: “L’HEURE DU DIABLE AU CONCILE”.
    (Special supplement of L’Eglise de Lille, 4 April 1969, page 125, and Documentation Catholique no. 1542, 15 June

    “This attitude of the Cardinal could not surprise those who knew of his membership of the Masonic and Luciferian Lodges. This was the reason why the author of this study had always refused to accompany Cardinal Liénart
    in official ceremonies, as a Secret Chamberlain. The Cardinal had been initiated in 1912 into a Lodge in Cambrai, of which Brother Debierre was the Venerable. He attended one lodge in Cambrai, three in Lille, one in Valenciennes and two in Paris, one of which was specifically for members of parliament. In 1919, he is listed as a Visitor (18th
    degree), then in 1924 as 30th. The future cardinal met
    in the Lodges with Brother Debierre and Roger Salengro. Debierre was one of the informers of Cardinal Gasparri, who had been initiated in America, and of Roger Salengro.
    Cardinal Hartmann, Archbishop of Cologne, a Rosicrucian from Germany. The Cardinal was a member of the International League against Anti-Semitism, where he met Marc Sangnier and Abbé Violet. At Lourdes we met a former Freemason who had been miraculously cured on 19 July
    1932 from a sore on his left foot that had been festering for fourteen years – a cure recognised by the Bureau des Constatations on 18 July 1933. This miraculous man, Mr B…, told us that when he was a member of a Luciferian lodge, he met the cardinal whom he recognised and was dumbfounded…”

    In a “Letter to the Bishops of France”, dated 13 November 1969, Messrs Gaétan de Cadoudal, Jacques Devé
    and Pierre Lemaire wrote:

    “We recall that, at the request of Pius XII and under the direction of the bishops, a coalition of fathers should have been set up in 1951 to fight against the death penalty.
    fathers should have been created in order to fight without timidity or human respect, to break up and stop (certain campaigns against morality and the family).
    against morality and the family). At the time, Cardinal Liénart opposed this project, which would probably have avoided many disasters in terms of the family, the community and the Church.”. (See Défense duFoyer, n° 109, November-December 1969, page 596).

    Such a project was bound to meet with hostility from the Lodges…

    1. I can confirm that not only was Lefebvre ordained a priest by Lienart, but also consecrated a Bishop by him. Furthermore, the 2 assisting bishops at the episcopal consecration of Lefebvre were also episcopally desendent from Lienart. That means that the Archbishop was a very close disciple of Lienart. Remember, this is the same Cardinal Lienart of Lille, the diocese where Marcel left from to become a Missionary of the Holy Ghost and go to Africa after his ordination.

      But what is interesting about Lienart is this: in my studies of the Mafia of ST. Gallen, I have traced their lineage back to the Portugese Cardinal who was most likely recruited by the Masons in the early 18th century, and who was Cardinal of St. Anastatia at Rome, where Cardinal Daneels, the ring leader of the Mafia held his Cardinaliate title. That Church is built over a mythreum, where all the Satanic rituals in the city are conducted, even to this day. Even workers in the gift shop were involved. Now Lienart does have a connection to this Cardinal from Portugal through Cardinal Richard de La Vergne and Cardinal de Gama, who got the Jesuits suppressed in Portugal. So it is highly likely that Lienart did not join the Lodge for no purpose, because if he was initiated in 1912, the year later he transfers from the diocese of Cambrai to Lille, and then becomes the bishop there 15 years later, which is exceedingly short time frame to be promoted in a diocese where you are not native.

      This means that the SSPX bishops are all episcopal descendents of the same Freemason as Pope Francis, though he to Cardinal De Gama via a more direct lineage, that is, by a superior precedence of primary consecrators.

      Now to me as an anthropologist all this seems exceedingly strange. Because why, do ecclesiastical freemasons obsess so much to have themeselves consecrated Bishops by someone who traces back to the first freemason, UNLESS they are receiving some sort of special EXTRA during their episcopal consecration, such as a SATANIC dedication for occult power?

      And if this is on account of their personal consecration to Satan when they become bishops, then all the Sacraments they confect might possibly be desecrated, that is, impose a satanic influence on those who receive them, to control them.

    1. ABL was not a spy. His father was a spy master during WWI (see Henry Landau’s books : All’s Fair & Secrets of the White Lady published in 1934 and 1935) and WWII who worked for british intelligence. Since the MI6 was only started in 1907 and the french spy network only started in 1914 or beginning of 1915, and since the founder if MI5 (Vernon Kell) was a freemason, it is highly likely that in order to ensure absolute loyalty, over and above patriotic inclinations, that spy’s and certainly spy ring masters in those times were selected from among masonic lodges and so that René Lefebvre was a freemason as well.

      This assumption is supported by the information gathered through hundred’s of interviews with freemasons published in the book The Brotherhood by Stephen Knight; that Freemasons make oaths of charity to their brother masons to aid a brother in need at all costs. And at all costs means that if they need to break the law, they will do it. Furthermore they are bound by an oath of secrecy never to devulge any secrets of the society under pain of death, which is why it us so difficult to find information about freemasonry.

  9. Responding to Br Bugnolo
    “What are the chances that a Spy Master would not have recruited his own son into the craft?”

    Indeed. When we the other pieces of information we know for sure:
    1. That ABL signed the Vatican II docuements but then rejected the council after the traditionalist movement began, so as to derail it.
    2. That his “spiritual father” (words of ABL) was the freemason Cardinal Liènart, the bishop who ordained him and consecrated him.
    3 . That the Holy Ghost Father’s say “His personal, intellectual and ecclesial orientation, which carried him to point of separation from the Church, will always remain a mystery to us.”
    4. That Freemasonry runs in families, much like Catholicism is passed down from generation to generation.

  10. Info from a friend:

    The Radecki Fathers wrote a book, at the end of some chapters they mention who didn’t sign a particular document. Bishop Blaise Kurz is notorious for refusing to sign much, and Archbishop Pintonello too, although the latter wasn’t entirely traditional minded.

    I was reading myself yesterday, that Archbishop Lefebvre himself didn’t sign some… “At the close of the council, Mgr. Lefebvre refused only two texts , the constitution on the Church in the world of today, Gaudium et Spes, and the declaration on religious liberty, Dignitatis Humanae. He accepted all the others, in particular the dogmatic constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, the decree on ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, and the declaration on the Church and the non-Christian religions, Nostra Aetate.”

    Many seem to be aware ABL did not sign all V2 documents and I do not find evidence that the hid any of this.

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