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The From Rome Blog rarely endorses anything, because the purpose of this Blog is not promotion, but a defense of the Catholic Faith and the exposé of corruption.

As every Catholic knows, who is living on the planet Earth, from the moment Pope Benedict XVI announced his renunciation of ministry, the Catholic Media have not shown themselves loyal to truth, and are increasingly drawn into the maelstrom of lies and propaganda tricks of the Ecclesiastical Mafia and Globalist organizations.

For that reason, among Catholic thinkers, writers, personalities and “leaders”, all those with some sort of connection to the Ecclesiastical Institution for their jobs or income have increasingly gone silent.

Since this Blog is dedicated to Jesus Christ, under His Name of Truth, we consider it a matter of eternal salvation and urgent necessity to signal from time to time a Rare Voice of Truth.

In this case, we speak of a layman who has no such ties to anyone. But for Catholics who have never read the Fathers of the Church or the great Saints who fought against Heresy and moral corruption in the Church, if you want to know what kind of spirit they had, you can find a very good example in Frank Walker and see him in action every day on his Youtube Channel, Canon212.com


Frank is not the kind of guy who will raise 500 hundred thousand from you by hankering you for money and spitting out the party line. He is the kind of guy who would rather tell you the truth and lose your donation. He is zealously Catholic on every topic. I can rarely say to myself, that I disagree with anything he says, and that is saying something, because I have read the entire Scriptures, the Fathers of the Church, the Lives of the Saints and have spent 12 years in intensive academic study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy, and have read nearly all the Encyclicals of the modern popes, the biographies of every Pope and several histories of all the Ecumenical Councils and the English Reformation. — So I will be the first to say I do not know everything, but when you come across a layman who is consistently knowledgeable and faithful to the Church and Her perennial teaching on every point, you have to tell others about him.

So do not waste your time listening to the controlled media or the controlled opposition or in waiting for some member of the Hierarchy to really tell it as it is. Just listen to Mr. Walker’s DAILY news commentaries. They are the Catholic equivalent of what might be called the Anti-Pravda, as he will cut through all the propaganda being put out by the Ecclesiastical Mafia and tell you the bald faced truth.

He also runs a very informed news aggregation site by the same name: Canon212.com and reports from Florida, in the USA. — And remember to thank him in a way a Franciscan Brother without a penny to his name cannot, with a generous donation!

He is a rare voice of truth, and I encourage all catholics to start imitating him. We need to rebuild Catholic Media up from the ground of faith and saintly zeal our forefathers lived and breathed.


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8 thoughts on “A Rare Voice of Truth”

  1. You got it 100% right on this. Frank Walker is a gem and Canon212 has become a first rate news source for current goings on in the church. Our appreciation for him grows by the day. Not only do you get the news, but he’s a faithful Catholic and every day he expresses perfectly our own sentiments about Francis-Church. We are often entertained by his headlines, they are superb and just what we need. Really, in these times his headlines are comedic barbs that help expend our growing frustration with it all, and laughing at these men is good medicine. God bless him.

  2. I now consider a portion of my Church tithe to be support of faithful Catholics “crying out in the wilderness”.

    Hadn’t considered support for Mr. Walker, though I make full use of his work. I will rectify that. Thanks.

  3. Fist pumps for Frank Walker who can also be found here: http://stumblingblock.org/

    And thank you, Br. Bugnolo, for recognizing the “night watchmen” who shout from the rooftops on behalf of all the ‘little ones’.

  4. Although I rather look forward to Frank’s commentary and leads to various topical articles I am a bit cautious of his propensity to vigorously “put down” anyone who has the temerity to draw attention to the egregious “ambiguities” of the Council and predecessors (including Benedict XVI) that prepared the way for “pope” Francis.

    Surely the “traditionalists” who are full of alarm and struggling in their efforts against the storm should be given a similar “benefit of the doubt” that is most generously afforded to the Modernist Establishment.

    1. I think you are not listening carefully to Mr Walker, he clearly admits there were problems, but he has the honestly to distinguish between problems and open apostasy.

  5. Thank you, Editor.

    “Problems” and “open apostasy” seems to be a no-go grey area that is heavily weighted in favour of the “Establishment” or institutional structures that effectively usurp the Divine Institution of authority.

    I contend that the main preparation for the revolution is in promoting a false view of Papal Infallibility. A careful review of the V I definition of Papal Infallibility would reveal that it says much more about when a pope is not infallible than when he is.

    My summary of the definition of papal infallibility would be something like: A pope is always fallible UNLESS he meets the following criteria.

    Of course, we normally expect that papal utterances are in conformity with the Apostolic Faith but there’s no guarantee of that, particularly if the papal utterances are determined by political or social convenience. There’s plenty of historical evidence to back that up.

    Thank you for toiling through Cannon Law and making it intelligible to the likes of me who would otherwise never know of it and who would be at the mercy of a turbulent sea of speculation.

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