GAIA 2054: the New World Order’s Satanic vision for your future

This video predicted the destruction of Notre Dame. It says World War III will be started in 2020. It predicts that by 2047, you will have to join’s EarthLink to be a citizen of earth.

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5 thoughts on “GAIA 2054: the New World Order’s Satanic vision for your future”

  1. “Connected knowledge is the new politics.” Surely much of this is dream of many of our elites. And they are working diligently to make it happen. But their grand plan doesn’t have a chance in my opinion unless they can figure out a way to abrogate original sin or Christianize the world and hope that everyone becomes a Catholic and is hooked up to God’s internet of grace.

    What we really should expect to happen in the near term future is the Great Chastisement. Survival will be on everyone’s mind, not utopian dreams.

  2. 2054? tooooo long. They could accomplish everything within 9 years.

  3. The Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by Pope Benedict XVI (or his legitimate successor) and the Bishops in union with him is the answer to the New World Order.

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