One of the lasting effects of the Plandemic will be widespread chronic paranoia

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The plandemic was and is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated. Not only because it attacked the entire population of the human race, but because it strove to damage them in their work, their savings, in their liberty, and no less in their mental health.

Millions will never recover from the paranoia which was inculcated daily by national leaders, the mass media and even by the clergy.

We are talking about the crime of terrorizing the entire human race, and in particular in spreading the disease of hypochondria in a way beyond the wildest imaginations of dystopian authors.

The resulting isolation and depression of those who will not come out of their homes as often as they did, will be the great untold story. Because national leaders will ignore it, so as to hide their liability. The mass media will deny it to support their habit of lying. And the clergy will pretend that they are saints for instilling it.

All these leaders need to repent or be removed. But since they are an imminent threat to humanity, they need to be removed first.

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7 thoughts on “One of the lasting effects of the Plandemic will be widespread chronic paranoia”

  1. Pius V, 5 May 2020 A. D.

    Fra Alexis–

    Thank you. And congratulations are in order as I hear you are up to 25m hits per day. Folks are starved for truth.

    Also, for charity.

    As your commentary on the SSPX Battle of the Trad Inc Stars reveals, there is not only an attack on truth evident sometimes from all sides but also a severe shortage of charity, without which a man is but “a clanging cymbal.” Any ad hominem attack must be called out and rejected out of hand.

    The SSPX apologists’ personal attacks are dust in the eyes, serving solely to hide the truth. Likewise it is an error of CM to respond in kind. And on twitter? No thank you. Ban that creature from your radar.

    May they all come to recognize and declare the truth. Starting with who the pope is. Pope Benedict.

    Then proceed on…. All can work through the criminal fraud and scam that is the the Corona-Pan-Panic. As to which, look at the true stats. William Briggs; Karl Denninger.

    Excellent starting point:

    And today, no offense SsPX, but is this the new triple face of evil?

    Not the first time SSPX top brass seen to be implicated in direct intervention on behalf of child rapists. Why?

    Story here. Just the facts, M’am. .

    Simple Q: Did Messrs. Fellay and Schmidberger knowingly put back into circulation–including ministry to children–the pederast Peignot?

    Viva Pope Benedict! Pray for us O great Pope of Lepanto & the Rosary, Pius V!

  2. Agree 100%. Perhaps the primary effect of the pandemic is to instill fear and distrust. Social distancing and masks will become the norm for many. The world will never be the same. Catholic Masses will be the first to go at the first sign of a new flu. We now live in new world where charity will grow cold among many.

    I went to the store this morning without a mask. Everyone else had one. Folks looked at me with fear in their eyes. Nobody was smiling. Grim picture.

    To me all of this is the first phase of the Great Chastisement.

  3. They are all in league with Satan one way of another. Those directly taking his orders & those who are silent onlookers, fearful of stepping out of line & calling for the very necessary imperfect council to verify tghe true holder of the PO. They absolutely must be removed & I pray that General Pappalardo is fully supported by his Italian brothers in firstly removing Conte & then the present usurper incumbent in the PO. catholics, is a must read.

  4. Satan LOVES to instill fear, anxiety and lack of hope in the Faithful. Our response? Unshaken trust in The Holy Trinity and the Blessed Mother, and complete obedience to the will of God the Father and His plan for our lives in the End Times. Ave Maria.

  5. Yes, we have lost the paradise where we lived, at least for a while, because of grave sins offending God. It is not the sinister pachamama to whom we should offer human sacrifices, abortions, population reduction, sexual aberrations and incense, but we must go back to Natural Law, to the Law that God wrote in our human hearts, to Christ asking for a cure of the souls and a defeat of the devil and his deputies.

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