200 Churches in Communion with Bergoglio destroyed in Haiti Earthquake

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8 thoughts on “200 Churches in Communion with Bergoglio destroyed in Haiti Earthquake”

  1. By that logic, the Seven Hills by you ought be flattened rubble by noonday.

    May chastity’s first martyr — whose sacrifice, the Immemorial Rite does not supress today — intercede for the many stricken.

    Perhaps less voodoo in the DR, such that their devastation is less frequent… certainly less heard about…?

    1. Judgement is coming. Rome will be destroyed entirely. Perhaps in our lifetime. I pray the Lord gives me a few hours warning so I can get out.

      1. No point in running – there is nowhere to get away from the Destroying Angel. He knows our hideouts, may as well stay with your people & submit to God’s Will, which may not be to take you (or any of us). Remember, those that will be left will envy the dead. We should leave it to God to decide our fates. His Will was written down in the Book of Life before He made the Universe so it can’t be changed by anyone.

      2. Fleeing does not mean that you have not repented, and obviously if you do not, fleeing will only partially help.

      3. As this is a spiritual war, not a nations war, we must keep our trust & faith in our Divine Saviour & not fear any consequences. What use is it saving our own skins when all the world is being devistated by Satan & his minions? Our main focus should be on releasing PBXVI who has many answers to give us & who can strip the Ape Church of all its evil by excommunicating the invalid signings of JB’s Bishops & Cardinals who are blatantly working for Satan. With those gone the NWO, CCP & secular nations will be delivered a humongous blow & if we can attain the ultimate prize of restoring Tradition it will be the end for them.

      4. We have a grave obligation from the divine and natural law to save our souls and save our own lives, unless it is a question of when we have been captured, we are offered death if we profess faith in Jesus and freedom if we deny Him.

    2. Yeah and with all the sodomy that goes on in Rome that place should’ve been raised to the ground. Barnhardt’s been calling for it for a few years now as well.

  2. Toronto Canada has:
    1. Headquarters of 70% of the world’s resource extraction multinationals;
    2. Headquarters of many major banks involved in London’s hidden financial empire;
    3. Many families of high-level freemasons;
    4. Many descendants of ratline Nazis;
    5. A plethora of cults and sects.

    Apparently, they feel pretty safe here. I invite all saints to come and spoil the neighborhood for them.

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