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  1. I really love these conversations that you have with Dr. Zelenko, Br. Bugnolo. Thank you so much! Does anyone happen to know which book in the Old Testament Dr. Zelenko referred to when he was speaking of doctors healing in partnership with God?

  2. Absolutely riveting I love also Brothers and Doctors discussions They both gel so well and Nail the Scandemic

  3. WOW! Thank you! But I have a question. If we are to not be afraid of socializing, then what about shedding from those who have been inoculated?

  4. I’d like to see the paper where it ‘infected’ a human because I can’t find it regarding any SARS virus. Pre or post 2019. It infected one type of monkey that is sensitive, it infected a knock out mouse and it infected a caged civet but not a wild civet. That is they could not ‘infect’ the majority of mammals without a LOT of effort. In 2019 they still did not fulfill any postulates. To this day they are still ‘infecting’ monkey cells in every paper regarding every attempt at treatment modality or anything else. A healthy microbiota is zero risk for flu or SARS (assuming either exist). All successful treatments essentially are anti oxidants, anti toxins or anti parasitics. The dysregulated immune response is checkpoint blockade toxicity, requiring the natural release of interferon to clear the intracellular ‘parasite’ and specific macrophage activation to digest the ‘dead’ cellular debris. No signal, no appropriate response but an auto inflammatory response. In the elderly this can be done with whole fat mammal milk (wake up senescent cells in GALT = (gut and lymphoid tissue). A dysregulated immune response is common, it’s the condition of most humans who were not breastfed and have an unhealthy microbiome so a chicken should come before the egg. A comes before B, always and cause means cause. It is not would not ’cause’ A unless and until B is met. And B almost always indicates toxicity was present. Those are terms and conditions, not cause. Cause means cause. This almost always happens with any type of injection (thanks Jerusalem 2016) and why oral treatment is always preferred over any systemic targeting due to over inflammatory response, damage to the mucosa and then other organs (multi organ failure), also high susceptibility to malignancy. A reasonable person would conclude this was almost always a previous injection response causing toxicity and further immune suppression not introduction of a ‘new’ anything.

    1. This is my position. This syndrome is induced by BigPharma. And I suspect many other syndromes also.

  5. Br. Bugnolo, the horrible skin sores/blisters from radiation poisoning can look very much like smallpox. My intuition tells me that the 5G grid (now installed over much of the world), which emits radiation from 30GHz to 300GHz, will be used for mass radiation poisoning, but will be called “smallpox” to make a business case for deployment of a smallpox vaxx laiden with the same toxins as the COVID transgenic injections. It’s unlikely the unvaxxed will cave for the CV mRNA jabs… but an outbreak of “smallpox” will drive many of those to get injected for smallpox. I have other critical info to share with you. Please email me.

    1. I would say antivax is the best way to go but the problem is, this takes extended illness and people avoid the down time, want to be back to school or work, but they need the downtime. My brother ex military special forces claims when they turn on widespread 5G, the vaccinated will show up real bad as zombies. Kind of sounds like we need guns. They won’t be nothing human left anymore, but it’s in pain or demon possessed and wants to walk towards us to do evil, unless some angels take care of it. The deep state isn’t going to run out med beds in ambulances. It seems like a trick to get people to trust Big Pharma snakes vs divine cures. It appears to me to take faith in divine, nobody dies before their time, but it’s like greed not to have any down time and heal naturally, shows a lack of faith for one reason or another. I use aspirin for example but I feel bad about it, like when I had a headache and didn’t want the downtime due to too much pain. So, it’s tricky.

  6. Thank you Dr. Zelenko and Br. Bugnolo for sharing your experiences, knowledge, and faith with us. You are so uplifting in validating my decisions to follow God’s path in these apocalyptic times. I no longer feel alone in having recognized since this scamdemic began that it was a diabolical plan devised to destroy civilization as we know it. God bless you.

  7. Thank you Brother. You are the only Catholic leader that I am aware of who is leading the flock to the truth about all this. I turn to your videos often now so I don’t feel so alone. In my Diocese, Catholic leaders have endorsed the shot and formal statements of encouragement to take it were made from the pulpit.

  8. ‘the body becomes a bio-metric device’ interface with neuro anatomy etc microsoft patent number 06 06 06 – this is Dr Zelenko’s Jewish theological insight

    Br, these streams of information have all come together in less than a week, Dr Zelenko, Orwell City , La Quinta Columna , Dr’s Zelenko, Benito, Dr Compra, Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Sevillano: and associates etc Carrie Madej, young et al

    the accumulating, growing medical and theological evidence is strongly pointing to the, the Mark of the beast- an interior mechanism that will, as Dr Zelenko says’ be used, using their evil twisted logic, to facilaite or not the ability to buy of sell. This is a marker through our progression through revelation.

    #-Dr. Luis de Benito on the possible mechanism by which MAC addresses are generated in inoculated individuals

    #-MAC-cinated: Pattern identification in coronavirus vaccines – Nanorouters

    #-Placebos might carry the identification technology detected by Bluetooth

    #-Dr. Luis De Benito shares an advance of his report on the MAC address phenomenon in inoculated individuals


  9. Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and said about him, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit!”

  10. Brother Bugnolo, you and Dr. Zelenko together are, for lack of better words, the best.
    Thanks for sharing this, all your hard work is greatly appreciated.
    James Morris

  11. This was great, I got sick recently with covid and saw Zelenko on Infowars, and he shared hes treatment for covid that consisted of easily available supplements, I took his advice and I was better within days. Seeing Brother Bugnolo doing a video with him is a sign from god that I followed the right people. Excellent information and insight from both of you. Look forward to more videos like this.

    Deus Vult!

      1. I did not get tested myself but I got sick from a friend who had the same symptoms and he had got tested for work and was positive for covid, this and having bad body aches, no taste for awhile makes me believe it was covid, other than that it was not much different from any other flu ive had in past, ive actually had worse.

  12. The incredible DUO! Brothers at heart! I think I shared this video with over 50 people & shared the website too! It was a true awakening!! Pace & Bene!!

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