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  1. I have trouble believing in anything regarding the “pandemic” that i have not personally experienced so i sincerely doubt these claims about permanent genetic modification except in those people who have “long covid” – who seem to be producing venom peptides on their own.

    There is both the official narrative (the vírus kills, and the vaccine is the solution) and the anti-narrative (the virus kills only old people, remedies are ivermectin & hydroxychloroquin). But the truth seems to me to be neither of the two.

    From personal experience I think the venom peptides is what causes “covid”. I say this with relative certainty because I had the symptoms of snake venom poisoning (clotting, severe headache, kidney pain, extreme tiredness), and my kids got it from me but less severely. So it is possible to shed these venom peptides once one gets sick.

    But can it change you genome??? I doubt it. We would need to see a whole lot of people getting “long covid” for this to be real.

    Forgive my skepticism, but facts need to allign with personal experience. Maybe this is simply priming for future forces injections…

    1. Back when I was in college and had to take 2 biology courses as a matter of requirement for my degree, I was taught that mRNA can reverse transcript into the DNA. So I do believe it. But I do not think mRNA can travel though bodily fluids and change the genome of another human person, because it could not get inside the cells. Remember all that narrative about nanoparticle lipid spheres as being necessary to get the mRNA inside the cells?

      1. So, do you not believe that an unvaccinated woman who marries a vaccinated man is at risk of having her dna permanently changed? I am waiting for someone to answer this question for me because I am losing a lot of sleep right now worrying about someone I love very much. Please pray for me (and her).

      2. If the man be vaccinated, possibly, because if they conceive a child, the child may have the genetic change, and if that happens, since during every gestation of a new child, some of that child’s cells inhere and become part of the mother’s womb, she can in part be changed. I do not think however, that if one or both are DeathVAxxed they will be able to have children.

        Now it is another question regarding the spike protein. Because if the Death Vaxxed continue to produce this, anyone who married such a person will inevitably be poisoned and suffer debilitating health problems and perhaps death.

        It’s not called the mark of the beast for nothing. The beast is a serpent. The spike protein is modeled on dozens of venoms.

        As for losing sleep, you are reacting correctly. Everyone needs to reapprise ALL THEIR PHYSICAL relationships in the light of what these DeathVaxxes do.

      3. For Christians, I believe that if one or both are deathvaxxed and seek to get married, the marriage will be invalid, because the purpose of Christian marriage is the reproduction of children of God, not children marked for the Beast.

        Likewise, I believe there is strong evidence to say that priests who were willingly deathvaxxed should be deposed from orders, as they have betrayed the Creator. They certainly should NOT confect the sacraments, since they could be poisoning the faithful. Perhaps they can be saved by repentence. But they should cease exercising Orders.

      4. Both the USA and UK governments long denied that “Gulf-War Syndrome was anything but psychosomatic; however after they came home their wives and girlfriends with whom they were intimate began to have the same symptoms and that’s when the lawsuits proved that this was the result of exposure to depleted uranium. I have suspicions that bodily fluids can indeed transmit vaccine induced changes of DNA. After all, worried unvaxxed people are now demanding “pureblood” blood banks. It’s logical.

      5. mRNA is very unstable, I do not think that even if it left a cell it would survive in the bloodstream of the deathvaxxed. But I will let those who are MDs and nurses answer this one…

      6. You learned the same genetic influence in your biology classes I learned in my human anatomy and physiology classes, Br Bugnola. It doesn’t spread through bodily fluids however, as you surmised it must. Rather, it’s spread to others, through spike shedding, post-jab, and it is also those spike that establish the “venom factories”. To the good, a robust native immune system in an unjabbed individual will reject those random spikings as the foreign proteins they are, which is why the jabs also contain immunosuppressants; the only way to keep the body from “kicking the spikes out”, before it alters DNA and sets up those “factories”.
        To the bad, and I still don’t have clear elucidation on this as yet, 1 of the primary reasons for destroying all the plants and animals as well as humans on Earth, with the flood in Noah’s time, was that Satan already had a robust program of DNA altering going, via plant and animal (including humans) husbandry. The Nephilim were neither angel nor human, nor were their offspring. We don’t know exactly what they were, but some have suggested some of the bizarre “deities” seen in pagan religions may have been based on such offspring. Humans surely got those notions from somewhere… In any case, Noah was saved for his pure human DNA. Yhwh God’s plan for salvation of humanity required Jesus’ DNA to be pure human as well as pure God. That was also Mary’s claim to purity; her DNA was untainted. The question is, now, can those who have taken the jabs be redeemed? Have those who were saved before the jabs now inadvertently thrown away their salvation (none can take it from you, but you can throw it away, by your choices subsequently; Calvin got a few things wrong too)? Have those not yet saved, but jabbed, thrown away any hope for redemption by taking Satan’s poison? These are questions we need answered. We KNOW accepting the “mark of the beast” is a guaranteed exclusion, but are these jabs also? Were they a “test run” temptation, as well as of how much compliance might be expected? I don’t have those answers yet, but is this something about which we should be warning people now, on the spiritual, as well as physical level? On the basis of the flood, my inclination is toward yes, but I don’t yet know, so won’t declare an absolute, ’til I do know.

      7. The Nephalim, according to the most reasonable analysis, were the humans who were not of the sons of Adam. Scripture clearly calls his sons the sons of God who knew the Name of God. The others were the sons of man, who knew not the name of God. Now, we are all sons of Adam, but that means that these others no longer exist. Pius XII said that all men descend from Adam, and that after Adam there were no humans who were not his sons. But that was his interpretation, because if there is anything correct in the archeological record, then Adam’s lingeage was unique for language capabilities and they came to be the sole lineage of man alive on earth. The others died out. The others could not speak. However these others did on occasion have children with the sons and daughters of Adam. That is why I disagree with Pius XII slightly, since I hold that just as in Genesis there are 2 creation narratives for man, one for humans and one for Adam and Eve and their posterity, I think it is more consonant with scripture to hold that God did create — perhaps even before Adam — a race of hominids which could breed with the sons of Adam, but where not part of God’s plan of salvation, since they lacked the inheritance from Adam. And that the only trace of these other men, is in the genetic codes of some peoples who have 1-3% neanderthal or devoniam lingeages (e.g. in Papa New Ginea), which some sons of Adam inherited through these mixed marriages long ago, through women who had children by sons of Adam, but who were not descendants of Adam and eve. Though my opinion is perhaps unique, since I am an anthropologist and a believer in Scripture, not having any errors and literally meaning what it says. But if I am correct, genetic lineage from Adam is very important for God. And that would explain why the Book of the Apocalypse is all about the coming into being of those marked by the mark of the beast, for which sin God destroys the world.

    2. Genome changes includes the development of incurable sores in the body, as written in the book of Apocalypse for those marked with the beast.

      Yes, these people marked with the beast will be having sores all over their body some time, times, and a half. It is a punishment from God for their Apostasy according to the book of Apocalypse. It shows how their souls are like in the future.

      1. It’s very interesting what this woman is saying from the min 6.50. And she talks about the Mercy of God (she call Him AHAYA) and the importance of REPENTENCE and the prayers for our loved ones and friends whobtook the ‘moonshot’ (deathvax) . Who has the Holy Spirit do not have to be afraid. And to not put out our family’s members, just lock them in a room and pray for them ! Otherwise, they will be took by the military forces and used in experiments…. 😟


      2. Sandra Smith, Fra Alexis :
        Here we can find the explanation even for the ‘nephilim’, for the ‘aliens’ = hybrid human DNA etc.!



        And for those interested in the Catholic Church, Pope (the True One) and Vatican ‘affair’, you still find here the answer…



      3. Aliens don’t exist, and different species cannot hybrid. These are both DoD psyop narratives to make you think globalist are of a superior race. An conchiglia is a fake visionary.

  2. How does the “spike protein” change your DNA? From a reading of available information, the changed DNA cause the creation of “spike protein” and make one sick. Not the other way around.

  3. Neanderthals had pale skin unlike colored skin of those in Papa New Guinea. Their DNA might be in the present day overlord satanists since they consider themselves separate specie from humans, humans being descendants of Adam and Eve.

    Those who have done the lab testing have found no mRNA in the vials, like Dr Purnima Wagh.

    The good doctor in the video has only suggested this being transferred from mother to baby which makes sense. I don’t think it is transferring otherwise and certainly has no bearing on the DNA.

    1. Dr. Purnima Wagh misrepresented her credentials. She has a BA in English, she is only a technical writer, not a PHD or MD. Pay no attention to anything she said.

      1. Strange she was vetted by Dr Merritt, anyhow Dr McCullough is only suggesting transfer from mother to baby of the spike.

        This spike does shed immediately after the jab not afterwards, which means the body’s DNA has not been hijacked into a spike making factory otherwise it would shed all the time.

        Dr. Merritt had researched the scientific ability to alter the genes and she found they only had the ability to delete genes not add them. This was from some Dr. who was the highest authority on the subject in MIT that she was looking into.

  4. I have been researching this ability to have children after the deathvax through my work. I have confirmed that a mother got pregnant and gave birth to a normal baby, at least by appearance, after receiving 3 injections. She did have all 3 injections before conceiving and I don’t know the status of the husband. The baby had some issues with hypoxia at birth, low oxygen levels, but responded well to treatment. The low oxygen levels could be from toxins in the shots given the mother which would have transferred to the fetus while in the womb through the placenta. Toxic forms of ferritin, a protein that stores iron in the blood, have been found in the shots. Iron is needed to form hemoglobin to carry oxygen in the blood which could explain the hypoxia. I have also confirmed extremely high ferritin levels in numerous patients after injection.
    On a side note Dr. McCullough has joined with others on the “Reawaken America Tour,” a Trump thing, which in turn is associated with new age religion, see https://hugotalks.com/2022/04/19/trumps-new-age-doctor-network-hugo-talks/

  5. It should be taken into account that the modern medicine that we know is influenced by Pasteur’s theory. I see with concern something that the pharmaceutical industry has been deceiving for a long time, with the return of “Covid” in Brazil. Yes, once again this story for ox to sleep… When there is a flu, it occurs because there is a toxicarão on the ballots, initiated by a thermal shock. It is a cleaning carried out on the ballots that are called solvents, not viruses. Well, I leave a link down here for reflection. We must always question and seek the truth.


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