80% of UnVaxxed may already have Nanotech growing in their blood

Editor’s Note: This statistic, without an reference to what population was tested, is as about accurate enough to use as the claim that 5% of all who get covid die (speaking of populations in emergency intensive care units at hospitals). If these scientists were in close contact with the liquid of the DeathVaxxes without any controls, it is not surprising because of microdrops in the air. — So I would not get upset about this stat, until more information be had, or Dr. Yanowiz publish his findings. If you know of this, comment below.

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5 thoughts on “80% of UnVaxxed may already have Nanotech growing in their blood”

  1. I take CDS chlorine dioxide solution as a cure and prophylactic. A natural solution which claims to cure many diseases and illnesses is promoted by Andreas Kalcker a Swiss biophysicist. It is used much more by South American countries and is little known of in the West and Anglosphere. I can forward his ebook.

    It is a kind of bleach and it may be what Trump let out of the bag but got roundly scathed by the global press. By all accounts it does are those who claim to have COVID.

  2. Keep cats around. Cat whiskers and noses are sensitive to waves and their noses 👃 are good indicators who are exhuming fumes. If a cat stays away from you, then you might be poisoned or toxic already.

    1. That is interesting. Yes, cats noses are indeed sensitive and stays away from anything not smelling right.
      God bless in Jesus name

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