A Saint for our time

You can purchase a Video about this Saint and others heroes for our day: more information here:

Every Parish should have a copy of each of their videos: excellent catechesis and formation!

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2 thoughts on “A Saint for our time”

  1. The gift of martyrdom… they say when a faithful is being killed out of the pagan’s hatred of the Catholic faith, the martyrs are seeing the ladders of heaven, just like St. Bartholomew.

    It is true that in this day and age, atheism a.k.a. paganism is the prevalent religion to the point that it infected the clerics. We might be killed in horrible ways, for the Glory of God, just like how the pharisees killed disciples of Jesus and eventually capturing, torturing Jesus to death, and subsequently continuing afterwards too, killing the apostles one by one.

  2. I’ve been to the shrine in St Margaret’s old house in “The shambles” in the walled city of York. If you’re ever there, it’s well worth the visit. York Minster is a Glory; and behind it, don’t miss the Grade I listed church of Holy Trinity Church, in Goodramgate; which is redundant, but open for its great antiquity dating from the 11th century– the 16th c. box pews are still in place.

    Despite the tourist footfall traffic in the street outside , the air in St Margaret’s house is full of peace. The downstairs was her husband’s butcher shop; they lived upstairs, and either in the attic or the cellar she hid priests until she was discovered and horribly martyred.
    St Margaret Clitheroe is called “the Pearl of York.”

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