COVID-19, Requiescat in pace!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Everything the Covid-19 deniers claims about the non-lethality of Coronavirus and the non existence of a pandemic has turned out to be true.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that its recent seriological tests of U.S. residents found that 10 times more individuals have had COVID-19 and recovered than previously thought (20 million compared to 2.3 million: source).

Currently, the CDC is counting 121,000 individual deaths as COVID-19 related. This means the Covid-19 related deaths are running at about 0.6% of all those ever infected in the USA.

However, when one examines the numbers of  COVID-19 related deaths in the U.S.A., one discovers that most of these were not caused by the virus. Reports from the USA suggest that from 80 to 95% of cases had coronavirus but died from something else. That moves the real death rate to about 0.05%.

But that is not all.

Pennsylvania State University published a study recently suggesting 80 times more persons have been infected that previously thought.

That would mean that the actual lethality of COVID-19 is even smaller.

The lethality of the common winter flue is estimated to be 0.1%, as Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIHD, is always telling us.

The conclusion is, then, that there never was a pandemic, and COVID-19 was never a threat greater than the common winter flu.

So take off your masks and gloves, and go back to the way you used to live. And as for the advice from the modern sanitary Pharasees, who see uncleanliness and infection everywhere, report them to the local authorities for mental instability.

And if anyone suggests getting a COVID-19 vaccine, tell them where they can shove it.

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12 thoughts on “COVID-19, Requiescat in pace!”

  1. Great post. Covid-19 was a well orchestrated political pandemic which has achieved it’s goal of wrecking havoc on millions of lives and significantly weakened the world economy. The reason this was so is that most folks are unable to discern the truth and thus are unreasonable fearful. They have lost their common sense because they largely abandoned God.

  2. *gasps sarcastically* Br. Alexis – such language!! lol Thank you for shedding even more of God’s light of Truth on these evil-doers and their obvious agenda. May His blessings and peace continue to guide you.

  3. SARS2Covid-19 is a failed bioweapon that was designed to ride along with the regular flu season. It was built in the highest-class bioweapons lab built in China because it was not legal to do what they did in America. Dr. Fauci, please explain why you signed your name to this bioweapon, other than hoping to reap the reward of the vaccine.

  4. I do not understand your comment on a possible future vaccine. I get a flu shot each year to lessen the risk of influenza and the risk of infecting others. If you are correct than Covid 19 kills at a similar rate as the flu, why should I not get this vaccine also?

  5. Dear Br. Alexis, you have probably heard that the mainstream propaganda has in the past 2 weeks or so stirred up another narrative of the p(l)andemic’s “second wave” of infections, primarily in the Balkans or South-Eastern Europe. Do you know anything about the background of this new scare? God Bless you and lead you towards the Truth.

    1. The narrative to make the vaccine necessary and justify the new Sanitary Dictatorship is a necessity of their political objective. Satiated with the infinite power they grabbed during the plandemic, they want it to continue to have more power and establish total dictatorship and enslavement of mankind. The virus must return to keep them in power and their plans on course. For otherwise, the people will awake and remove them from power. That is the whole truth of the second wave.

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