Fourteen Missiles launched against Kyiv this morning

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As I was making a video on volunteering in Ukraine, the thought came to me of Kyiv being bombarded. Minutes later, as I opened the windows of my room, to get fresh air, I heard explosion after explosion rock the buildings of my part of town.

Four cruise missiles launched from Russian Strategic Bombers are reportedly the cause of the explosions I heard. They struck western Kyiv:

The Ukrainian Missile Defense System, supplied by the USA, was instrumental in taking out several other missiles before they landed.

I assure all my readers that I am safe an unharmed.

This video seems to be from the closest vantage point, to one of the explosions:

Here is the video for Volunteering in Ukraine:


UPDATE as of 11 A. M., according to which the title of this present article was changed from “Four Cruise: to “Fourteen”:

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