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From Operation Gladio to Trad Inc., and how the CIA may have a leading role

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In my article, Who may have been behind the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI?, I explained what Operation Gladio was and the role played by Gladio organizations in Italy in the political events at the Vatican in recent decades, particularly how they may have opened the Vatican up to infiltration by the St. Gallen Mafia.

This present article is a follow-up. Here I want to lay out the trail of evidence which leads from Gladio to Trad Inc..


One of the prominent stay-behind organizations in Europe after the Second World War, was the European Centre for Documentation and Information (CEDI). While the name sounds like an academic organization, it was nothing of the kind.

According to David Bryden, in his book, Franco’s Internationalists: Social Experts and Spain’s Search for Legitimacy, p. 148, the CEDI is politically an organization of socialists:

Screenshot_2020-04-02 Franco's Internationalists

Munich, for those who know their history, is also the birth-place of the Nazi party. In fact, Munich today is the home of an organization with a similar name as CEDI, the NS-Dokumentationszentrum, or in English, The Documentation Centre for National Socialism, which is a museum dedicated to the documents of the NAZI party, and begun in 2005.

It is important to note that CEDI was funded initially by the government of Franco, who was a close collaborator with Nazi Germany during the war and gave refuge to innumerable war criminals after the war, as well as helping many of them escape to South America. The National Geographic Society, in the USA, produced an impressive multi part documentary alleging that Adolf Hitler survived the war and was spirited out of Europe through Spain.

Of CEDI itself, Wikipedia says:

Francoist Spain made use of the CEDI to get in contact with high-ranking persons of the political, military, economic and cultural life from Western Europe and thus end its post-war international isolation. By preaching the necessity of cultural exchange and the religious unity of the occident, the CEDI aimed at a political, military and economic inclusion of Spain into the beginning process of European Integration.

So the co-incidence that CEDI was founded in Munich may be more significant that merely suggestive. But the fact that CEDI was funded by the Spanish government in the very years that the USA and the UK were collaborating with western governments in Europe for the establishment of stay-behind organizations, cannot be considered a mere coincidence. Especially since, as I have shown in my previous article, how this network might have been intimately involved in manipulating Pope John Paul II into allowing the St. Gallen Mafia, a Masonic organization of the highest levels, to take control of the Vatican before and during February 2013.

Archduke Otto von Hapsburg

CEDI was headed by Otto von Hapsburg. Archduke Otto grew up in Spain, after the fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and resisted the annexation of Austria by Hitler. He fled to the USA during the war, however, when he could easily have returned to Spain. During this time he was a stateless person, but he subsequently obtained a passport from the Principality of Monaco and the Knights of Malta. It is during his time in the USA that he would have been likely approached by the CIA to play a leading role in post war Europe. In fact, after the war he returned to Europe to begin a political career. As his Wikipedia article relates:

Otto von Habsburg was Vice President (1957–1973) and President (1973–2004) of the International Paneuropean Union, and served as a Member of the European Parliament for the Christian Social Union of Bavaria (CSU) from 1979 to 1999. As a newly elected Member of the European Parliament in 1979, Otto had an empty chair set up for the countries on the other side of the Iron Curtain in the European Parliament, and took a strong interest in the countries behind the Iron Curtain. Otto von Habsburg played a notable role in the revolutions of 1989, as a co-initiator of the Pan-European Picnic. Later he was a strong supporter of the EU membership of central and eastern European countries.[11] A noted intellectual, he published several books on historical and political affairs. Otto has been described as one of the “architects of the European idea and of European integration” together with Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, and Alcide De Gasperi.[12]

What is import to  note, first of all, is his role in the revolutions of 1989 and his interest in the countries of Eastern Europe. It would be sensible, therefore, to conceive that he had a role in helping Poland oust its Communist government. As I reported in my previous article, the financing for the Solidarity Movement in Poland, came through the Vatican Bank which was laundering money for the CIA.  As head of the CEDI, which was a stay-behind organization overseen by the CIA, Archduke Otto is a prime suspect for suggesting to Pope John Paul II to collaborate with the CIA.

Opus Dei

CEDI officially ceased to operate in 1990. The fall of the Iron Curtain was seen as the end of the Cold War and the USA and the UK were no longer interesting in funding the stay-behind networks. However, according to other sources, the CEDI networks were counter-infiltrated by Opus Dei and the organization still exists as a branch of Opus Dei operating through the conservative nobility of Europe.

Today, Opus Dei is one of the strongest supporters of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, head of the St. Gallen Mafia and the closest political ally of Barrack Obama and Hilatry Clinton during their terms of office in the United States as President and Secretary of State respectively. Opus Dei shares the political philosophy of Archduke Otto, officially supporting neither Fascism (in the American sense of this word, as including Franco, Mussolini and Hitler) nor Marxism. In fact, during the Spanish Civil War, Father Josemaría Escrivá prohibited his members from supporting Franco, and even allowed one member to run a newspaper criticizing his regime.  For Opus Dei, the Church should not have assisted defending Spain from Marxist take over. It is not surprising then, that Opus Dei, faithful to its founder, sees no problem with the Marxist takeover of the Catholic Church by Bergoglio.

In fact, one of the leading experts in Canon Law at Rome, who admits all the principles which conclude to Bergoglio not being the pope, but who instead says he is certainly the pope, is Mons. Arrieta, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, an Opus Dei member. I spoke with him on December 11, 2019, about the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, and published my notes, here. Personally, I am convinced that Mons. Arrieta knows the Renunciation is invalid, but he has some sort of strong personal motives to say otherwise, which are unknown to me.

All these paths lead to Trad Inc., which also takes the same political stance of not opposing, but only lamenting, the reign of Bergoglio. It is well know that the traditional catholic movement, whatever they stand for, works closely with European nobility, and are supporters of the House of Hapsburg. They recently held a meeting, moreover, in Munich, at which select leaders of the movement were invited to attend, including Archbishop Viganò, who according to many sources moves in Opus Dei circles.

Dr. Taylor Marshall

Dr. Taylor Marshall, of EWTN fame, is an Opus Dei numerary, as it appears, from his FB page:

Screenshot_2020-04-02 Dr Taylor Marshall

EWTN has an intern program for Opus Dei members who work in the Vatican or Rome, so this might explain why EWTN features Dr. Marshall so frequently on its network.

Dr. Taylor Marshall also recent revealed that he was the financier and backer and video editor of Alexander Tschugguel’s Pachamama dunking in the Tiber River in October, 2019. Louie Verrecchio takes him to task for that media stunt in his article from yesterday at AkaCatholic.com. Here is a screen shot, of Louie’s article, which shows Dr. Taylor on the right. Louie tells the whole story of the event, so I will not recite it here.

Screenshot_2020-04-02 REVELATION Dr Taylor Marshall, ABM, is short

As an aside, I am told that Dr. Marshall claims to be 5 foot 11. And that Alexander is 6 foot 9, but its hard to believe.

Baron von Tschuggül

What most do not know, is that the correct and full name and title of Alexander is  Alexander Freiherr von Tschuggül zu Tramin.  Freiherre, means Baron. Yes, Alexander is Baron Alexander von Tschuggül of Tramin. The Von Tschuggül’s are a noble family of Southern Tyrol.

(Remember, when writing his name to use the umlat over the final letter, u, like this: ü. This is pronounced, ue, and not in the same way that the final û (u with circumflex) is pronounced in J.R.R. Tolkein’s word Nazgül, which is pronounced as the oo in the English word, boom. However, since u with the umlat, is merely the abbreviation of ue, the Baron’s surname can also be spelled, Tschugguel.)

It is difficult, to understand, therefore, why Dr. Marshall is paying the air-flights of a Baron. Especially since air-flights from Vienna to Rome are not particularly expensive and should be within a Baron’s budget. However, I do know that Opus Dei groups were funding a number of activities at Rome during the Amazon Synod. It appears that while Opus Dei supports Bergoglio’s claim to be pope, that they are positioning themselves to put an Opus Dei member on the Throne of Peter after Bergoglio, and present him to the world as the savior of the Church. Thus it is not impossible, that Dr. Marshall was using Opus Dei money to fund the Pachamama Stunt.

St. Gallen Mafia

The principle city of the Tyrol, Baron Tschuggül’s homeland, is Innsbruck. The Apostolic Administrator or Bishop of Innsbruck from 1938 to 1980 was a Rampolla Bishop, Mons. Paulus Rusch. I previously reported how the Rampolla faction of Bishops includes the St. Gallen Mafia and the networks used to help Nazi war criminals escape Europe. Since the USA hired all the former Nazi spies and incorporated them into the CIA, after the war, it is not surprising, then, that the CIA in Europe during the cold war era would be collaborating with the Rampolla faction and promoting them in the Church. The mere fact that the Baron’s family comes from a region ruled for 42 years by a Rampolla Bishop, and possible Nazi collaborator, does not mean that he or his family were anyway involved. But one cannot deny the deep levels of ecclesial perversion and disorder which can possibly arise from such a long reign of a Rampolla Faction bishop.

There may be ties between all these groups at the St. Gallen Mafia, for the simple reason that they all insist Bergoglio is the pope, and they all have connections with the CIA.

Baron von Tschuggül, veteran political activist

Baron Tschuggül has been a political activist since his youth, according to his Wikipedia article:

Tschugguel began working for the conservative political organization Tradition, Family and Property when he was sixteen years old. He has worked with conservative politicians Ewald Stadler and Beatrix von Storch, as well as political activist Hedwig von Beverfoerde, to protest and campaign against abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and the inclusion of gender studies and sex education in schools in Germany and Austria.[6]

Thus, his foundation of the Boniface Institute immediately after the Pachamama stunt, was not the act of a simple layman in need of funds to run an apostolate, as if a layman had any duty or right to teach the faith, but the calculated move a political expert.

Also, it is not widely known, that in 2019, Baron Tschuggül was married. The Most Rev. Athanasius Schneider performed the ceremony.  Bishop Schneider is considered a principle cleric of Trad Inc., and holds the same opinion as that Media Cartel, namely, that Bergoglio is without any doubt the pope.

According to his own statements in an interview with Dr. Marshall, we can expect to see more of Baron Tschuggül in the future:

Though there is at least one blogger who is convinced that the Baron is the Antichrist in waiting, I think that the Baron’s statement is merely more self-promotion. Perhaps he intends to run for office. It is, however, disturbing that he says that he will pray for everyone if he succeeds attending Easter Mass, as if he were a priest or monk, and not a married laymen.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photograph of the Archduke Otto von Hapsburg, to the far right, at a ceremony for the awarding of the infamous European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi. The German Chancellor Helmut Khol is second from the left. It is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Germany license, as described here.

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Money Laundering and Back Flows

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Just how do the enemies of the Church
control the Church?

This is a question which deserves study. And I will devote a number of articles in the future on it. But today I want to talk about money.

When I was discerning my vocation, I visited Bishop Sean O’Malley in the Diocese of the Virgin Islands. While I was there — and this was back in 1990 — I learned that the wealthy Jewish owner of Hess Oil, who had a lucrative contract with Venezuela, was funding the Catholic School near his refinery on Saint Croix. I learned also that his charitable contributions were helping Bishop O’Malley ascend to higher things.

A lot of so called lay apostles who were staunchly loyal to the Catholic Church have changed since 2013.

I remember reading, in the 90’s that Jews approached Matt Sr. of the Remnant offering 25 to 50 thousand a year if he published articles friendly to Israel. He exposed the matter in an editorial of his newspaper, if I remember correctly.

A great number of questions about the financial  backing of Trad Inc. have arisen in recent weeks, especially after the revelations about the existence of a Council which rules Trad Inc. and of Ann Barnhardt’s revelations about how money was received by the Fatima Center on the condition that all who thought like Father Gruner, about Benedict still being the Pope, be eliminated from the organization.

Recently Trad Inc. got a new member. It is called TradiVox Inc., and Indiana 501 c 3 non profit run by a layman, who graduated from Stuebenville. Why doing some research about TradiVox there came to my mind  the realization that 501c3’s in the USA can be used by George Soros to control what catholics think and believe.

And this is how it could be done.

You found a 501 c 3. You get a Layman who is unknown to the Faithful but known to you, perhaps even someone of Jewish lineage who feels affinity to George Soros because he is a jew, or who shares political objectives such as environmentalism, socialism, etc.. to be the front man of the “Catholic” Charity. Then you fund the charity with money from Soros entities through persons and individuals. This money comes at a price, namely, the front man must not do or say certain things and must censor certain thoughts, ideas or organizations.

Then you associated to the Charity some traddie Bishops or Cardinals, to give it clout. They are paid to give their names to the organization, by donations which are funneled from the non profit to them personally, as support for the clergy — perfectly legal in US tax law.

I call this method, Back Flow, because instead of Catholics funding Catholic charities to get Catholic truth, non Catholics fund fake Catholic Charities to make Catholics do and think non Catholic thoughts.

This may explain what is going on with Trad Inc. But I have no evidence of that. However, I urge all Catholics to start investigating the charities they know who insist Bergoglio is pope no matter what. You might find a lot of connections between things which appear catholic and things which are not catholic.

For transparency, I publicly declare here that no corporation or non profit with which I am associated has any financial support from any non Catholic organization or someone who represents them.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a screen shot from Google Images to show how many images you can find of famous people — in this case George Soros — on that search engine. The screen shot is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Trad Inc. thinks you are a donkey

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

When Bergoglio was elected, Rorate Caeli published within 24 hours a devastating critique of him by an Argentine correspondent. During the Last 7 years we have seen the Remnant, Catholic Family News, the Fatima Center, One Peter Five, LifeSite News, the National Catholic Register, and nearly all the Italian Bloggers criticize Bergoglio heavily with every new perversion, heresy, or sacrilege he issues. Then comes the petitions or the public letters or denunciations. Then comes silence. Then they pretend to wait. Then they just pretend to oppose. Then they praise and fault those who say something more should be done. Some of them are even now praising what Bergoglio has done. They say he is acting like a pope should!

The only constants with Trad Inc. are their insistence that Bergoglio is the Pope, whether he be a heretic or not, whether he be a schismatic or not, whether he be a Freemason or not, etc. etc. etc.

BUT DON’T YOU DARE judge Bergoglio! Only they have the right to do that!

AND DON’T YOU DARE demand that he be removed or put on trial for heresy!

The High Priest of Trad Inc. yesterday told us that we are pelagians if we want to solve the problem of Bergoglio like all the Fathers and Saints of the Church in similar times did.

We must rather wait for Divine Intervention – so they say.

The other day a group of Catholics published a call for an Inquest on the canonical problems in the Vatican, to start the ball rolling towards an imperfect council to depose Bergoglio and restore Benedict.

Trad Inc. ignored it.

Trad Inc. ignored the only canonical solution for all the problems they have lamented for 7 years.

Why do they not want a legal solution?

Trad Inc. instead published Bishop Schneider’s porridge of falsehood and presumption: LifeSite News, Rorate Caeli, and One Peter Five. Steve Skojec even went to so far as to say that Schneider should be the next pope! — He just said a man who denies the Catholic Faith on the effect of heresy should be the next pope!

Trad Inc. has been constant in one more thing. They are constant in treating YOU like a donkey, a jack-ass. Because they toss a carrot of Catholicism in the air in front of you, but always out of reach and expect you to move in that direction, but you never get the carrot, it always has strings attached. And the carrot is always snapped back, when you start to actually move in the direction it was tossed.

They talked about an imperfect council 4 years ago. And now they run quasi heretical screed to distract your attention from a call to start the process.

I thank the Catholics who have exposed what we have long suspected about Trad Inc.. They are on the take. There is big money supporting them and it actually does come with conditions on how to react to Bergoglio. It insists that Bergoglio is the pope and that they toe the line with their readers, deceiving them of the facts and denying the truth or even ignoring the news.

I have spent 35 years reading the publications of various members of Trad Inc. I feel profoundly disappointed. The feeling is not as intense as a boy who has been raped by his local priest, but its similar. They have intentionally misrepresented their motives as Catholic. Their motives are otherwise, much more base. Maybe they do not all get money out of it. But they have chosen Bergoglio despite of all the laws and facts to the contrary.


CREDITS: If you are looking for images of Donkeys being led by carrots, Google Images is the place to look. The Featured Image is a screen shot of their image search under that rubric, used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary and as a free advertisement.

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What spirit is really behind Trad Inc.?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio’s recent heretical document, Querida Amazonia — beloved Amazonia — is an outstanding example of jesuitical deceit: while not saying openly what many expected it to say, it approved of it. But worse of all it insisted that use of idols is not idolatry! And advocates their use in the Liturgy!

For anyone who knows the least thing about Catholic Tradition, that should be the last straw, because the opposition to idolatry is at the core and foundation of the Catholic Religion in all the examples of the ancient Martyrs of the Church and in all the works of art and architecture!

But now, you have Trad Inc., except for a singular case here or there, praising Querida Amazona. They are going so far to say it is a victory, a catholic document!

Over at Chiesa E Post Concilio they are even saying that its publication has shown that Bergoglio is at last acting like a pope! — I have to barf!

Why is it that as soon as Bergoglio began with the public idolatry that Cardinals Burke and Sarah and now seemingly Trad Inc. have all of a sudden found that there is absolutely no doubt that Bergoglio is the pope, that he is catholic and that he is acting like a pope!

Have they all lost their minds? Or do they now recognize in him something primal in their own religiosity?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Traditionalist Blog mentioned in this article, and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Divine Faith vs. Social Acceptability

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Beware: not all men have faith — says Saint Paul. This is a Scripture which in previous generations was not considered so significant, because all had faith and no one publicly contested it. If you did what everyone else was doing you would be deemed faithful. And no one noticed.

But in the Great Apostasy, this principle of going along with the herd, fails. Because the herd is no longer the sheep of the Lord and no longer in the sheepfold of the Lord.

Christ did not call us sheep for nothing. He knows we tend to follow the herd. This is even true in countries like the United States of America which has strong currents of individualism in its national culture and society.

I remember nearly 20 years ago, when I was invited to attend a Trad Inc. conference and afterwards I was invited to a reception. Out came the liquor and a lot of it. I drank water. Everyone seemed somewhat surprised and obsessed to as why I did this. I said I am a son of Saint Francis, and I have renounced the world. After about 30 minutes no one wanted to talk to me, and no one could talk to me. That was the last reception of Trad Inc. I went to. I set my sights on finding a monastery or hermitage in Europe after that, as I never liked herds, especially ones not headed in the direction of Christ Crucified.

With Bergoglio’s usurpation of the papacy, I see the same psychological behaviors which broke out in the USA when Obama first ran for the presidency. Being born of a Kenyan Citizen and a mother who was a minor at the time, he was born a native of the Crown Colony of Kenya. His grandmother said he was born in Kenya, which would mean that he was a natural born citizen of Kenya. For more than a decade, he and his wife claimed he was a Kenyan, born in Kenya, or implied the same during his visits there. All US records of persons returning from Kenya during the week of his birth at the port of Honolulu went missing after his election.

That controversy regarded the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that every U.S. President be born on U.S. soil of 2 parents who both were U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s birth. It is an objectively verifiable requirement. In the election of 2008 the entire political establishment in the United States of America ignored the requirement. Constitutionally, therefore, the entire presidency of Barrack Obama was a fiction. He was a usurper and none of the laws he passed had or have legal force. But the ruling class ignored it, because many of their children are not natural born citizens, as the Constitution requires, and but are rather of mixed citizenship and birth as globalism demands.

That Bergoglio should be thrust into power after an unexpected, apparent and strange abdication by Pope Benedict is not therefore surprising. It was an extension of the globalist agenda to put into power men who were not qualified for office and in a manner which was extralegal. The entire propaganda arm of the MSM worldwide supported both revolutions. Even to this day, the MSM never says anything bad about Obama, he is their messiah.

If I recall correctly, Trad Inc. ignored the questions about Obama just as they ignored the questions about Bergoglio, whether arising from the vote canvassing in the Conclave or the problems in the renunciation of Benedict. Their positions on both are consistent. They accept as true whatever narrative the Left puts out and they accept without question the legal arguments which the party of the anointed-of-the-Left put out.

I think they do this, because the Traditional Movement in the Catholic Church came into being with strong influences from international Conservatism, of the kind sponsored by the Masonic Lodge, which never really want to fight the left, only go leftwards at a slower pace. This is not the common definition you hear of Conservatism in the USA, because its too impolitic to speak of it. But if you read what Conservatives stood for 60, 40, and 20 years ago, and compare it to day, you will see what I mean.

The Divine and Catholic Faith, however, teaches us to hold fast to truths and teaching without any alteration over any length of time. This regards principles of law, principles of philosophy as well as the Deposit of the Faith and perennial Magisterium. This is why inside the Traditional Movement there are actually 2 camps which 2 different principles of inspiration, but only one is of God, and that one is clearly not in power.

If there is to be a uniting of Catholics opposed to the Anti-Church it can only be of those who chose to be motivated and loyal to the divine faith, period. It has to arise from a spirit higher that political motivation and it has to be free from the errors of such political movements. It cannot include those who say being a faithful Catholic requires or allows you to be a socialist, a progressive, a facist, a marxist, etc.. It also has to be motivated by a spirit which does not disdain what our forefathers did for 20 centuries, in solving problems by all legitimate means.

This approach is not going to be accepted by those who want to attend the cocktail hours and hobnob with the influential and famous. It has to be composed of those who care not at all for social acceptability, and everything about being loyal to God the Father in the Catholic Religion.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, at Assisi, Italy, as seen from the Rocca Maggiore above the town. The photo is copyright by Luca Ales and used here under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 International license described here.

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Benedict Carter: I’ve been told that Trad Inc. is controlled by a ruling Council

Br. Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news is explosive. The coalition of monetized Catholic media and news outlets which self declare themselves as Traditional, but fully support the canonical claim of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the pope, has been exposed as being run by a Collectivist institution which controls the narrative each is allowed to publish.

The revelations were made to Benedict Carter, who goes by the nik on Twiter, as the Great Stalin, and were published on his Twitter Account, moments ago:



Click on either tweet to read his entire exposé.

Implications are Far Reaching

Many Catholics, including myself, have been shocked, surprised and increasingly dismayed by the near total silence and absolute agreement of the formerly reputable Catholic news outlets, since Feb. 11, 2013. There has been much speculation that they had some sort of Narrative Control Agreement, or were being directed from the Vatican or by some Cardinal to toe a line and not report anything which questioned the legitimacy of the revolution which swept Pope Benedict XVI from power in 2013.

Trad Inc. is the shorthand for speaking about this group without mentioning the members as a sort of diplomatic way on social media, of speaking about the problem without speaking about the members of this Media Collective.

These allegations reported by Carter seem to confirm much of the suspicion against Trad Inc… FromRome.Info urges all Catholics who know anything about this Council and its meetings to blow a whistle on this group.

POSTSCRIPT: FromRome.Info had identified Benedict Carter as such from our sources which say he used to publicly identify by that name. This does not mean that Benedict Carer is his real name, however. But he has a reputation for being an honest Catholic in good standing, in the Catholic Twitterverse. His nick was chosen so he can troll Bergoglians.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of Benedict Carter’s Twitter feed, and is used in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Don’t be fooled: Those who insist you accept an Antipope, support his agenda 100%

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. (Abraham Lincoln)

So goes the maxim, popular in American English, on account of the fame of the man who said it and the insight it contains. He made the remark in regard to the promises of politicians running for office, but it finds suitable application to all manners of public presentation.

I remember the summer of 1998. Having done some apostolic work in the streets in minor seminary, I was invited by two laymen to do some street preaching in Boston. It was a real eye opener, we held signs which decried sin in Biblical terms and called upon everyone to convert to the Catholic Faith.

It was then that I came to understand how absolutely deceitful the inveterate sinner is who is addicted to things contrary to nature. I think you know what I mean, but for the sake of children, I won’t say more.

This is why the entire agenda of Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not hard for me to see for what it is. These people are expert play actors, because their entire affectivity is a pretense. And like drug addicts or chronic alcoholics they suffer frequently from sociopathy.  Sociopathy is the corrupted state of the mind which refuses to admit that in all things, it must conform itself to an eternal unchanging law of morality, which comes from outside and is the basis of human morals. Sociopaths think that they are exempt or entitled to omit the observance of this or that moral law. Sociopathy leads to psychopathy, where the person no longer believes that any moral law constrains him. Lucifer was the first psychopath.

So what is said, in persons of this kind, to achieve their purpose, may or may not have anything to do with what their purpose is. Truth for them is irrelevant, or rather, truth for them is what they need to say to get what they want when they want from whom they want.

This concept of truth is why so many of them resort to victimizing the weak of mind or the youth. For these people it is practiced art, and that is why they tend to seek positions of public influence or power where they can prey upon as many persons as they want.

Sociopathy is not just something that regards the violation of the Sixth or Ninth Commandments of the Decalogue, it can regard any vice or sin. The avaricious are in extreme cases also sociopathic. The movie, The Wolf of Wall Street made this very clear — though if you have any sense of morals, watching the film is something that you will regret, it is way too graphic.

But sin in the modern world is not not graphic. There is always more evil in the world that we know right now, because it is hidden from us. This is why the Saints and indeed all prudent parents have from the beginning of time warned those under their care, to not walk with those who condone evil or refuse to admit evil is evil.

People of that base character are on a bad path, and will end in a bad way. Whether they do it out of an addiction or out of love for money. Saint Paul the Apostle reminds us of this, in the passage, For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10) And he said this about FALSE APOSTLES not about merchants or land owners.

This is why THERE IS GREAT GREAT EVIL in the saying that we should ignore Canon Law on when a pope truly resigns, and that we should ignore the Catholic Faith which says heretics and apostates and schismatics lose office immediately as they commit their sin.

The teaching of Bergoglio is not — as is claimed by those self-styled Trads who deny the Canons of the Church, nor as the Sedevacantists, who deny the authority of offices — something which is like the errors of anyone since the death Pius XII. It is a direct and open and manifest denial of the very foundations of the faith. And if anyone says otherwise, you should consider that they might either be insane or have not the slightest mental faculty to see that saying that Jesus is not God  (Bergoglio) is NOT just as bad as holding that an opinion on how much Blood was necessary to be shed in the Passion (Ratzinger)!

Bergoglio is using the strategem of Adolf Hitler: promise everyone everything they have ever wanted on the condition that they recognize you as the leader! — But as History shows, that led to the destruction of everyone who signed on.

Sociopaths are not always consistent in what they say, but they are consistent in what they want. And the ones which want you to keep giving them money to read their pretense that things are not as they are, I think are the most dangerous to souls, because in practice they are giving power to the forces which want to destroy Christianity. They are like the watchmen on the Gates of the Church, which as the Enemy overthrows the city and starts to  burn all the buildings to the ground, keep shouting : All is well, and 12 o’clock!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photograph of a Christmas Creche which was displayed in the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie al Trionfale, here at Rome. It shows Bergoglio as a Biblical Figure, kneeling before the crib. This is clear evidence that at the very least, there has been a profound loss of faith and a complete substitution of the Gospel with a political agenda. Image used with permission of its creator.

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Trad Inc. is hiding something Monstrous

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The petition to President Trump is something every human being can agree with, whether Catholic or not. All you have to agree with is a basic concept of patient’s rights and care for all the elderly, even if they be Pope Benedict XVI.

If you have not yet signed, please do! — Here is the link:


So far 791 have signed. Share it on Social Media with everyone. Do not wait or hesitate. The very life of Pope Benedict might be at risk! This is obvious.

But Trad Inc., which has been informed about this petition 10 days ago, does not agree. They have censored the news of its existence to prevent Catholics from signing it.

There is only one sane conclusion: Trad Inc. is hiding something monstrous about their motivation to insist Bergoglio is the pope and that Pope Benedict is Joseph Ratzinger.

I say, “monstrous” because such a motivation must be very very evil, if it leads you to work to prevent Catholics from expressing their faith on the most basic question of human rights and charity for the elderly and needy.

Maybe, this monstrous thing, is that they are not operating on Catholic principles anymore, but have accepted some sort of political ideology, which allies with Bergoglio and refuses to give any assistance to his enemies?

In recent days, we have seen 2 major attacks on Pope Benedict XVI from Trad Inc.. There seems to be a pattern here. Does it have to do with big money coming out of Eastern Switzerland or Argentina?

I know my history of the Second World War, as I read William Shirer’s, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, when I was 16. And I recall that Munich was the capital and origin of the Nazi party. Coincidences are fascinating. Just saying.

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How Bergoglo has converted Trads to attack his enemies

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Spanish translation at Gloria.TV

Many are of the opinion that Bergoglio is not the Anti-Christ, but his ability to convert so many over to serve his evil agenda is remarkable, if not preternaturally diabolic.

The latest example is the  Annual Letter from Radio Spada, a Traditionalist Radio Apostolate here in Italy. They join the attack with FSSPX.NEWS against the Holy Father, Pope Benedict, but they do not hide their animus, they are openly vicious.

Their main argument can be found here. They illustrate it with a picture of the Holy Father wearing a Sombrero. I guess that is supposed to make him look ridiculous. But only a racist from Eastern Switzerland would think such a thing, since a Sombrero is a traditional hat for respectable persons in Mexico and has been worn by Catholic laymen and clergy for centuries, including Saints and Blesseds of the Church before Vatican II.

The article, if you can imagine, goes down hill from there: attack, attack, attack.  Not Bergoglio but Benedict. The Author bravely signs his name as Miguel.

His first argument is that, even if a person says the truth, you should distance yourself from his profession if you disagree with his politics.  This is a tactic which has nothing at all to do with the Gospel, but for Miguel, it is the essence of religion, evidently.  I recall what Our Lord said, when the Apostles faulted others for using the Name of Jesus to exorcise.  I think He said He approved of what they did.

Second, he argues that since the publicity on the book presents Pope Benedict XVI as having renounced the papacy, then that means he has renounced the papacy.  Here we have the direct opposite hermeneutic as before.  In the first argument, you should never believe your political enemy even when he says the truth, when your enemy is Pope Benedict. But now, Miguel cites Bergoglian news media as making a claim against Benedict and he takes it as Gospel truth, more authoritative than canon law. So we should not believe the truth told by someone we do not like, but we should believe the truth of someone we do not like. Which is it?

Third, he claims that the question of Celibacy is relatively a minor issue, and not much fuss should be paid to it. If Miguel claims to be a trad, I cannot see what Tradition he is upholding….

Fourth, he claims the entire Book Flap was created to deceive, that they are really all in agreement about abolishing Celibacy.  I won’t comment on this, as it is patently absurd to think that Cardinal Sarah was publicly attacked by Archbishop Ganswein as part of a pre-planned theatre.

Fifth, after citing a long passage from Saint Pius X, he implies that the Saint would have condemned both authors of the Book as modernists.

In fine, Miguel closes with the most vicious attack of them all (I paraphrase): Pope Benedict has resigned. He promised to remain silent, but he won’t shut up! He is gravely damaging the Church by making these interventions just as he has gravely damaged the Church by the concept of a pope emeritus. — I do not know which script Miguel is reading from, but it sounds like something Cardinal Parolin may have given him to read.

Where do I begin to unwrap such nonsense? Uhm. If there is no such thing as pope emeritus, then Pope Benedict XVI is not an emeritus, but still the pope, because the title pope emeritus means he still holds the dignity of the pope, just like Professor Emeritus means that you still enjoy the dignity of a professor.  And if he still holds the dignity, then he is still the Pope, because there can be no papal succession unless the first guy renounces EVERYTHING. Hence Bergoglio was never pope, and you, Miguel, have just committed a most diabolic act of perfidy against the Roman Pontiff, Christ’s Vicar on Earth!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the web page cited in the Article, used according to fair use practice.

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The pan-handler and the Ostriches

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One is a true story, the other a vignette. You decide.

The pan-handler

His true name I do not know, but he called himself Andrea. I met him in front of the Bambino Gesu Hospital this morning. I had seen him before and he begged me for some groceries. So this time I felt obligated in justice and charity to help him.

He waited patiently while I conducted some other affair in the area and then followed me to a discount supermarket. Where I let him select what he wanted: some ingredients for a soup for his family, which he said lived under a bridge along the Tiber River. After the purchase I shook his hand and promised to pray for his wife and two children, so he told me he had.

Having another affair to conduct, I found myself on another street about 15 minutes later, and there was Andrea with his shopping bag empty. He did not even have time to go to the river and return. He was coming out of a shop where he had traded his groceries for money, because he wanted to buy liquor.

It was at that moment, Andrea gave me a lesson worth more than the groceries. He said to me, “You get around a lot, don’t you. You are on every street!” He was shamefaced that I caught him in his deception. But he spoke in the hope that by listening to his words I might not notice what he was doing.

The Ostriches

In the year 2041, when the Antichrist has taken up his throne in the Vatican, the only resistance left in his Church of Abu Dhabi — that is what it is now called — is a group which is called The Ostriches. This year they are meeting in a remote sandy place in Patagonia to perform yet another of what they call the most effective acts of resistance and defiance against the Supreme Pontiff of Surprises.

Their protest consists in arranging themselves in a circle, digging a hole in the sand big enough for the head of each of them, and then placing their head in the hole, while leaving their posterior stick out in the air. And they do this for 15 minutes, while contemplating the silence of ”resisting while recognizing.”

After a press conference, in which they denounce the Supreme Pontiff of Abu Dhabi for heresy and left-wing politics, one of the last German Noblemen invited to the secret, private protest, asks all of the leading ‘Recognize but Resistance’ Movement leaders, how they can say at the same time that the Supreme Pontiff is a heretic, while affirming that he has the grace of Pachamama to be infallible? Moreover, why protest here in remote Patagonia, and not in front of the Vatican?

To this none of them could respond, directly, they just continued with their press conference praising one another on the brilliant wisdom, prudence and strategy of recognizing and resisting with such outstanding public stunts as they had just accomplished for all the world to see, on Social Media — but only after the fact.

In Fine…

The pan-handler should teach us a lesson: when you see fraud in action, do not allow what the fraudster says, in the moment you catch him in his dishonestly, to keep you from recognizing that he is dishonest.

In this way you will remember that you are being played every time you go to their websites to read the carefully crafted controlled media stories they put out. Because their only lasting objective is to remain in communion with the High Priest of Pachamama. And the longer it takes you to recognize that, the more likely it will be that you lose your immortal soul and those of all your family.

Perhaps they do not do what they do under orders from you know who, but what difference does that make?


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a photo take by Yathin S Krishnappa, and released under the CC Atribution Share Alike 4.0 International License. For more information see here.

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Frank Walker: Trad Media flipped in 2013, Why? Follow the Money


Frank Walker asks some hard questions, for which Trad Inc. needs to respond. He shows how the Munich protest was done not out of Faith but on the basis of secular concepts, emptied of the supernatural.

This is the same media which systematically ignores Bishop Gracida’s call for investigation and canonical responses to patent corruption and lawless behavior. Why?

This magnificent and timely commentary comes only from Canon212.com. Remember to make a donation on Mr. Walker’s YouTube Page to thank him for speaking the truth.